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In the realities of time and life, there are three variables that matter; one is actions/ one is reactions/ and primary to everything is thought. Where there is no form or manner of thought, there is no life. Therefore assessment of reality assigns the intensities of action to be established by a focus and “determination of events”, that then becomes either a new development in time, a chain of developments in thought, or a catastrophe of energy and mass if not a decision created in thought itself. Action creates the consequence of reaction/ reaction expands that action until it dissipates into oblivion; and in-between the moment of impact and the oblivion of all energy or possibilities assigned by that action is time. Without motion there is no time/ therefore it is the energy that assigns time, it is the mass that creates the possibilities of an environment within that time: but it is thought, that gives life and time the opportunities to learn. Within this discussion is then, the fundamental designs of humanity: as male (an action)/ as female (a reaction)/ as thought the essence of life itself, and the potential for eternity as well. Thought is separated from time/ but exists as an entity beyond your comprehension; and will not be discussed.

Therefrom the purpose of this discussion is given to the life or death crisis, that actions from the human male population on earth have presented to existence, and the environments/ chains/ hopes/ and realities of this earth, this specific humanity; and especially the nation called USA. From this moment the discussion is divided into its primary components as male/ female/ and the dimension of spirituality called thought: herein dedicated to the essence of female within that environment/ because what is male is removed from authority.
The man inside this body has tried for over 30 years to access the honesty, honor, respect, understanding, or at least the fears of failure from the human population; to stop this very crisis before it yields into absolute failure, and the consequence called hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos). None would listen/ not even one. All ran away into fears, selfishness, power, pride, disrespect and more; trashing hopes, and believing “not in my lifetime/ therefore we don’t care: GIVE ME THE MONEY”. The net yield of male dominated society is then sacrifice the children, and destroy the world. And it is your reality, and your truth in this day. LIAR is added, to cover up your shame and disgrace. The man inside would have resorted to forced acceptance of the truth, that you are destroying the world/ BUT that would have yielded the introduction to men, “that we must do something/ we must stop them/ we must war”/ the end result being the extermination of life on earth. A failure before it began.

The spiritual world intervened, and introduced female to the man; as to the comprehension of thought and the variables called spirit/ they are worthless to you at this time, because you cannot and refuse to understand: it will not be discussed. The net yield of “the spiritual woman inside”/ has been the discovery of an education is the key to survival; and only women have the ability to negotiate a new world order, because men have entrenched a long line of destructive behaviors that would only return them and this world to their vomit. The man inside of me, has been desperate to remain in control; as such every effort to get your attention has been made. Every effort not inclusive of the consequence called mob, has been done. And every opportunity to be heard has been silenced, because men believe in power, pride, and selfishness more than life. All the actions that can be taken without the consequence of war, have now been taken/ the man is defeated: because those who won’t walk in honor, honesty, and respect/ will walk with weapons and hate; and it is now woman’s turn. Every opportunity, even this last chance has been given to men. It is now time for women; these works are for their education, their decisions, and their need to be leaders of this world. The court battle that is under way, is a participation between “man and woman inside”. The reality of the courtroom is again that men will not listen until they turn to fear/ and once they turn to fear; they will then turn to war. Thereby it is certain that the men who control the courtroom (including the women therein, who are chosen because they choose as men) will attempt to remove the trial/ as they have been doing, because of fears. It is certain that without buffers in place; WOMEN who will mediate and control the men; the net yield of a courtroom battle will be war. As those men who have been hiding come out to get their weapons in fear. Bravery is dead in all but a fear/ because honor and respect and duty have been traded for “trinkets, toys, weapons, pride, power, or lust”. That means from this beginning, until the day the world has ended the crisis of: “we are now greater than nature/ we don’t care/ we are gods”. The reality of what happens next is literally in the hands of women. Fail to stop, and you will “eat yourselves out of house and home”. Fail to stop and what is left of the resources not yet thrown into the garbage, will cause great and terrible wars. Fail to stop and your environment will end. Fail to respect, and GOD WILL abandon life on earth. Fail to stop and all your mutilation and genetic crucifixion will fall upon you/ and terrors beyond words will come.

It is true and will remain for the rest of his life, the man who writes is under the authority of women now. He has found in hope, a place that gives life the opportunity to survive/ without the man. And he knows, life or death of this world is up to women/ therefore he has no choices/ he has no control/ and he has no say: BUT he is not a toy. He is a sign to women, that they will control men/ and you will use him to show men how they will be treated, both good and bad. That they may see you as an authority/ rather than a toy. He is a tool to women from which they may learn. He is a possibility beyond reactions, that can serve women well. But you can kill him, so with restraint; use your authority wisely, or he will be taken away. This is not a game/ even you must understand the reality of life, and the destiny to which you will go/ unless you change the world. There are no compromises/ there is no middle-ground; these are removed. There will be life with honor, respect, love, and truth/ OR there will be hell, Armageddon, and extermination from this earth. It is your choice/ but there are no second chances; repent while you can. Accept the penalties as may be required. Do the work, and happiness will bloom on earth; for a very long time. Fail, and within 20 years little will remain/ within 30 all life will be gone. The evidence is clear enough, even YOU can understand the consequences of what men are doing. Life is in the balance/ and that balance will tip in judgment, if human reality does not change. GOD does not judge you/ YOU WILL judge yourselves. Therefore live or die/ hide if you don’t care/ run away if all that life means is “you won’t share”/ commit suicide, if life is of so little value to you eternity for all life on earth is not enough. Go ahead/ or stop pretending its someone else’s job; and do the best you can. All are needed/ not even one is unimportant. Do the best you can.
FOR THE PURPOSE, of establishing primary education; the following chapters search for an understanding between you and me. They are long/ but interesting, you will not be sorry.

Chapter 1 truth, life, and energy , a discussion beyond your expectations/ things never before known.
Chapter 2 statistics; the realities we share as a humanity, and a nation
Chapter 3 women and sex/ the behaviors of men/ and me
Chapter 4 rules of religions, and the realities of life
Chapter 5 discussing reality, a base discussion
Chapter 6 simple things, seem obvious/ but are not
Chapter 7 decisions, the parameters of our abilities
Chapter 8 balance and behaviors, simple disciplines and life
Chapter 9 behaviors and society, plain definitions
Chapter 10 children and families, life issues
Chapter 11 death, a different view
Chapter 12 revelations from the bible/ you decide
Chapter 13 terrorism, and our reality
Chapter 14 trial requirements
Chapter 15 “samples”
Chapter 16 odd things
There is a need, to establish a new organization of women/ specifically designed to confront the leadership of men; one opportunity is listed herein; established by workrooms on this site as to what for. If not this one/ you must create one for yourselves, because this is not a game.

To read the chapters you will need the Adobe PDF Reader. You can get it here. Adobe pdf


DANIEL 9, the seventy sevens.

The question is, do biblical prophecy exist for today, in any other religion than Christianity? There is a little in the Jewish religion/ the bible itself being basically a historical account of one group of people. This provided simply as proof, that there is little to no differences between people thousands of years ago, and today. But to establish that account, there is also a few moments of “God helping life”.
As to this particular account; remembering the prophet who wrote it, can only speak in the descriptions of his day; the question begins with what on earth is he talking about?

In terms of this day, “the people being talked to directly, are in prayer/ when suddenly {in swift flight/ a sudden illumination of purpose or concern} an important truth comes to visit them. It is prayer itself, that brings this answer/ to these people: women of today. Highly esteemed, is a question women must ask yourself; “you are given the right and the duty to decide the fate of all life on earth”! In daniel’s day; 7 stood for a finished work/ or an end of something because it was completed. Seventy sevens, stood for a thing that not only was completed, but had been thoroughly finished in every generation; all possibilities had ended, “essentially, the day of judgment had begun”. The prophecy: now is the time to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, and to bring in everlasting righteousness. Also to put an end “to guessing/ and understand”. To anoint the most holy; is quite possibly me/ because even though I have no clue why me, the reality is: the spiritual woman declared in Revelation 12 lives with me. The reality being, that my life has dramatically changed, by the introduction of what is clearly the spirit of women! Even to the point of a woman’s breasts, that are now completely normal and seem forever. It is “such a change, although small, the chemicals these breasts pump into me, are far more powerful to life, than I would ever have believed”; there is no escape. You decide if that is what “anointed means” , I cannot/ nor do I have any concept of what comes next, apart from the truth, I have become “woman’s helper”/ and cannot refuse; a trophy, whether I like it or not. Trophy means: it really is a lot like being married to this spiritual woman, we do what she desires, she is in charge: but contrary to simply sharing her purpose and mine; she is also remodeling me, changing me to her own desire, her own purpose for my life; irregardless of mine.

Even so, it continues from the beginning of this decree, “ to live the prophecy and end sin, atone for wickedness, and become worthy of life, until there is a ruler for you.”

The seventy sevens again represents a time completed when all possibilities for life have been carried out, and judgment day begins for women. The sixty two sevens, are the men who will try to stop you, because they have failed, and stand to be judged because of it. They cause problems for you/ but they do not complete this action; because their own penalties or mercy, are dependent upon the judgment of women, and what women do. (Seven stands for finished work, because 7 is the number of boundaries that exist that can be crossed, and must be protected. They are the 4 directions of the wind/ the bottom/ the top/ and the inside). This prophecy says, “Your ruler will be cut off, or taken away/ and treated as an enemy slave; by men”. The women described, then surrender everything, including their faith. Then the end of this earth comes like a torrent, a flood without end/ a war without mercy/ and the world itself, becomes dead. Someone of men arises to be their ruler, giving power to a sect of the people, but then as soon as it is possible, treachery and treason will come, to consume a majority of this sect/ leaving only a few. The one who now rules men, multiplies the desolations that are coming on this earth/ becomes even further deranged, and absolute insanity causes him to crucify: what is left of the temple, that is the people who have some small but real faith in GOD and are attempting to reclaim the earth; they fail. This ruler then goes to HADES for ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. Consequently humanity is dead.

This is the prophecy of the Jewish religion/ nothing is left in my memories of the other religions; only Christianity, and the Jewish religion, to a very limited degree. From these it is remembered, and particularly shown through Christian accounts; that the majority of male jews wanted money and feared power. It is still true today, the jews “picked on, because as bankers and owners they have shown little compassion on the rest: they got what they asked for/ and have been well paid for their account of GOD in their lives; even forgiven for the damage they did to biblical accounts. As to Christianity, it is largely established by non-jews. The question of JESUS Himself, is not as “king of the Jews”/ rather as a man who did his job; understood more than any man before or after him/ did more to testify of eternity and the love of GOD For us, than anyone else even could. And proved to me/ to those who are HIS FOLLOWERS, that eternity in love, is a true and real possibility for those who do believe in GOD . The people of GOD are not from a particular religious sect/ not from a church pew, or prayer rug; or whatever! The people of GOD , are those who believe in the miracles of GOD that are in evidence all around you; for they have come to understand respect, and accepted the FAITH, that we are loved by GOD / why else would we have been given so much! “Can you build a body”? The people who believe in JESUS live the life he preached: “love GOD first/ love thy neighbor as thyself, but remember truth and discipline are essential to life too”.
I did not pick this biblical prophecy above to present here/ instead I do own a bible, and once in a while I am directed by the spirit inside to open it, and the page it is stopped upon, is the words that I am to interpret and present. Believe it or not. Most of what I knew of religions has simply been removed.

I do not accept the outcome of this biblical prophecy; as it is truly up to the generation that is given the reality of life, to decide. This is a fact of every prophecy.
Do not surrender your hope/ do not forget your prayers to GOD ! Believe honestly, and prove you are children of GOD MOST HIGH ! Nothing can defeat “Our FATHER”! NOTHING, not even in the entire Universe/ therefore the outcome of your decision to intervene for life on this world, and save it, is literally up to you: the women of earth! And the men who will or will not support them in their efforts to save you. Do not believe in the prophecies of men, BELIEVE IN THE LIFE OF GOD !

Life or death, await your answer.

Isaiah 65 was presented to me, at the end of this writing. Interpret for yourselves. Make your own decision.


The most critical description of human behavior is: “I found something; and I intend to use it, for me/ get away, I will not share”. Such is the possibilities of the descriptions, that seem to be “sexual opportunities”, as has been written here in my web sites. Never written as lust/ but DO YOU LISTEN? The problem of human behavior is not the sexual part/ but the intent to overlook EVERYTHING that comes with the potential sexual part of life; therefrom taking everything you can/ sharing nothing; simple lust and failure. In other words, “like thieves”, who have found a treasure displayed in a field or a town for all to benefit by: the thief steals it, so he or she can be the only beneficiary, the violent abuse and destroy it, so no one else can claim its value. Even if they cannot then either/ their pride comes from taking it away from you. Therefrom thieves and whore’s, prostitutes, and failures of men come expecting all the people who had desired this “treasure” to now call them gods or satan. They want pay, to satisfy their thirst for power or money/ they want you, to beg them to return the treasure/ or “satisfy their lust”/ or give them power in some other form over you/ or whatever it is they desire in pride. “I stole their love”/ is one example. The stealing of societies blessing, does have penalties; therefore you must protect against it. Religions are the primary tool and describing and inflicting damage to society with their rules. The righteous follow, with their demands “listen to me”. Society changes, when the treasures they respect as life, happiness, and peace through freedoms, fall into the hands of thieves and worse. There is no “free love”/ love is a free exchange of life and value and hope and truth; and if you give none of these in return/ you have chosen against that love, and you are a thief, at a minimum. Every intent to be “loving” is not love/ but every honest possibility of love as life, deserves a minimum of the respect you believe should be yours as well. It does not matter, if this is “the least or the greatest among humanity”.

What is a treasure? Clearly the most valued of all life’s gifts is the opportunity to share life, especially with another person of the opposite sex, in the gifts of love. Not sex, which is simply body lust, a treasure stolen/ but the love and hope of one life giving joy and happiness to the other; while returning that honesty with the honor of shared expressions and experience , as truth allows. A second value is the honesty of friendship, the value of a life that truly and truthfully cares about you/ and you them. A third value is the reality, given to life itself; a composition so complex in nature, that we will never fully understand it all, not by any means. Nature is the place we live; it is the experience granting existence, freedom, time, and everything, including the joy of expression, and the opportunity of learning, the happiness of exploration at all levels of life. A fourth value is the elements called heart, wherein we live beyond ourselves as a blessing to others, because the integrity of our acceptance as life; has turned to the expansion of a world beyond ourselves as the fulfillment of a duty to be friends, an opportunity to be lovers, an intensity to be respectful and responsible, and a passion to be true. A fifth value to living, is the essence of soul, the value of a relationship in spirit, that conceives of a possibility to become “a child of GOD”. The sixth value of life, is then the journey that encompasses our destiny in that search for GOD . A fact of evidence: That begins inside of us, and turns life into descriptions beyond ourselves that have possibilities so intense that passion ends and acceptance begins. A seventh value to life is, a love beyond the boundaries of this world, so blessed with happiness; that death no longer matters, for we are the essence of our belief, the foundation of our faith in eternity.

What is found as the expressions that can be or are sexual, because they are known to be friendship in its search for the true meanings of life, as the balance offered only within the relationships that are female to male/ male to female. Without existence from “the other side”/ life refuses to accept a search that failed. NOT because sex is a key/ it is not. Rather because without the honesty of a relationship that pulls you apart from yourself, so that a focus can never be formed in selfishness again; you are not ready for foundations that are beyond “you”. BELIEVE IN MERCY, if none desire you; you will not be disappointed. The innocense of a child needs this NOT/ because innocense is the completion of a time in nature that is not “simply you/ but everything in nature with you; a happiness conceived by shared growth/ supported by the essence of love, and a lack in understanding called selfish. It is the introduction of sexual abilities, that conceives of intense sexual selfishness. It is these that rob innocense of its right to be happy, in the honor of being alive/ the respect of a life filled with possibilities. Where selfishness begins/ life ends, because love surrenders to your freedom to choose. Where sexual selfishness begins, the thief hides “in the bushes/ to attack you”. BUT for those who leave this environment of failure; they do find relief, where honesty believes only in truth, and love encompasses existence as the possibility to share happiness as truth allows. Rather than simply being happy as innocense allows. This is a growth, because it does not allow for the simple return to what was/ instead growth has changed your relationship to life and you must respond; like it or not. The foundation of growth is very simple, to encompass the potentials of destiny, and the journey required to be a participant therein: the reality is, you must expand beyond yourself. To do this, we encounter spirit to lead us forward; this is the essence of heart, leading us to love; even if we never find it. To expand ourselves it is necessary to be a friend, even if no one ever responds to our honesty or need, or gifts. To encounter happiness, it is necessary to find balance/ and balance only comes with the experience of the opposite sex in our lives. If you share sexual happiness through trust, and the grace of a body that can be used; the expansion of a life that has earned trust; cannot return simply to selfishness, because the truth of this expression occurs. Rather, first the trust must be stolen/ only then can love and sexual happiness can be trampled. It is an experience in caring that gives us trust, it is the honesty of a life shared, that blesses sexual experience/ it is the honesty of a moment conceived only by the essence of you/ that brings peace. But if you choose a partner that is unworthy/ it is an open door, to steal; even destroy your hopes, your love, and your life (if you let them). Do not “give everything”/ this type of love must be earned in truth and trust, by the evidence; and even then, you must always choose GOD FIRST . Trust is not a simple thing/ nor is life itself so simple that you may judge anyone. True love, and a completed sexual experience as love between two people who share the existence of life in their soul; can only meet inside, if the timing of this new life is allowed by GOD . Timing, or the possibilities that are completed by the essence of elements joined in a union for life, MUST BE held together by a complete trust in GOD/ Or the value created by their lives together, cannot experience life together as one. If not one/ then the possibilities of love cannot conceive of eternity. If not eternal love, then not joined. Timing is the elemental existence of a need or a desire that finds a balance in the needs and desires of a person of the opposite sex. Timing is not a personal decision, but is illuminated at the moment life is not about you/ but us, honestly and with the opportunity to expand into happiness. Timing is not everything, it is the first step beyond ourselves, and into existence as another and distinct experience of “more than I was/ more than we were; it is walking as one, in the experience of life”. Even if fleeting, it is a happiness known. The question of timing, is not a question of love/ but a question of GOD , conceived by a trust in love. The question of love is simply; are you, or are you not going to share your existence, as love, with me. The reality of caring, prepares the way, the honesty of sharing life opens the doors.
For reference in reality; I was married once/ 2 years, then divorced simply because the timing disintegrated into a battleground for the future direction of our lives. She desired or more simply expected, to “be the same as the others”/ I tried, but just couldn’t do it. Sharing love created expectations, being loved removed barriers; but a reality of life as has become this writing, called me to other things. In other words, timing cannot be erased simply by love/ love cannot be erased simply because timing ceases. The question of a future, is left for truth, and need, and reality to decide. For You too/ like it or not.

The question that enters most human hearts in these expressions is not one of love/ but one of “do I really want to spend eternity with this one person”? The sign here says; selfishness and lust for what is not yours, is blinding you. If eternally joined in love/ does that not mean forever/ never apart? The sign says; this is a selfishness inside, because it is a refusal to share all of life. Is it selfish to demand more of eternity, than you are offered? It is foolish beyond compare, even to ask. GOD knows better than you. How do we know, what eternity has to offer? We are given love, body, mind, and creation, as the evidence of eternal environments; why is this not enough? What is it about love, that you do not like? What is the truth in you, and what are you hiding: from yourself? You cannot hide anything from GOD. What about freedom? The answer is, nothing in eternity or life allows more freedom than the honesty and honor of love! There are laws that will be kept/ everything else is free within honesty, honor, truth, and love. Why then are you worried! Do you want hate? Eternity examines the soul, and if you have these questions inside; you are not ready: but heaven awaits, “a second chance”. [NOT purgatory, a second experience not unlike time; for those without violence or hate].

The question of love is: HOW do we exchange the disciplines and order of one relationship with ourselves/ with the honesty and honor of a new relationship with “more than ourselves”. How do we become united in such a way, that we will never be lost within ourselves, nor “not found” by those who are now the essence of our lives in the environment of our soul? The answer is trust, understands the truth of a reality that is beyond ourselves, by joining hearts. The essence of a heart fully formed, is not one that has not been tested. Instead a heart that has experienced “bleeding as it were” / knows the cost, and the reward of a life that has known love in the reality of truth. Truth forms the basis of our existence in life (time allows for lies, that you may learn its failure), only truth keeps us alive/ therefore no escape, you must have truth. Just how it is! Those who have learned the price of love by its loss in small parts and pieces/ have learned the price of life is more than simple love: it is the truth that lives as love, in love, and because of love, that is alive. That which destroys love, is weeded out; so that peace and harmony exist forever in life, and that blesses our lives with Joy. Therefore the question of truth in the passions of a love joined forever, is as simple as whether truth rules your existence, your environment and reality? Or do you continue to play in the absence of truth, and the failure of trust. If you do/ you cannot enter into eternity; until this is lost from you. Eternal love and companionship is not a chain, it is a gift that accelerates happiness by being the expression of a life worthy of trust. Trust is a key, to every experience that eternity holds; it is a decision, held up by the evidence of truth, that completes the words, and worlds of “A child of GOD “! Where love leads, life will follow; thereby our journey becomes the vision “Of GOD In our lives.”


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