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Discussion of society
The foundation of all male social recognition is money. They will insist it is “the essence of every worthwhile project, person, or happiness (because it buys things, and presents power and pride).” The consequence of money is simply: we do need a value system that allows us the opportunity to go “anywhere in the community or world” and exchange the work we have done/ for the work that you might or will do for me instead. That is what money does/ or more simply “if I work for you, and all you have to give me is a goat, that I don’t want; with money I don’t have to search for someone to trade the goat to for something else that I might want instead.” But money is a transient thing, an idea among men that insists “its all good”/ while in reality, it is nothing but “ numbers or paper”; it has no value of its own, unless it is something real, such as a metal or food, or service etc. Because it is not real in terms of reality as a valuable substance on its own/ it becomes subject to the con artist and thief and liar and the image of people who have done something/ instead of the reality “we don’t really know what they did/ because it is hidden in these numbers.”

The essence of society is in fact, the reality that we are friends/ or at least not enemies! That alone, is the definition of peace/ and without peace there is no society, only war and thievery and hatred. The consequence of these is a life without meaning, a prostitution of everything valued, and a reality of life defined by someone else and not you; their influence in your life, becomes the primary cause of a reaction or action/ rather than the freedom and security to choose your own destiny. Therefore the words of men are foolish/ it is not money that determines anything in society. It is friendship and the opportunities of peace. The question of work, and the relationship shared by work with money is more simply determined by: who has control of the resources/ it is the games of men that “one person can control the rest/ if he just gets ownership of the primary resources required for that work: king of the hill/ then presents him with rewards, while everyone else is forced to be slaves and surrender their lives to his arrogance, lust, and greed”. It is a fools’ game!

The foundation of all work is human need or want/ this determines the quantity and quality of work we do as society; and presents us with work. Our ability to each one do for themselves gives us all freedoms, that can be gained in no other way. Our ability to control the resources required for these works, decides the level of friendship and trust that is inherent in any society, and thereby contributes to the peace of any society. Enemies aside, it is the reality of life: when the door opens to take what you can get/ HUMANITY all race across the finish line, and strip the place and the reality clean; they commonly take it all immediately, because competition and arrogance and aggression drive them to do it. Men, still playing king of the hill: I want the most/ I want the women/ I want to make you obey/ I want you to worship me! And so the reality of arrogance breeds greed, and the society of men allow it/ because they choose not to be friends, but make themselves enemies, and give their freedoms to other men/ SO THAT the resources are not lost completely, and their world ends in turmoil. Whenever the resources are plentiful, the aggression is limited, “I will just go get MORE/( FUCK YOU: means to disrespect/ ridicule you:: whereas rape you means/ to DISGRACE YOU, and make you pay)”. However when the resources are plentiful, as is clear in america; all of society is taught to “throw it away”/ this is propaganda and the basis of a lie, because in the end it will mean only a few will control all the resources and you will be their slaves; ending in war, as it always does with men.

Therefore to be friends in society requires 3 basic things: you MUST RESPECT the resources and share them as the need demands, NOT simple wants, that your society does not fall into war over the little that is left. You MUST accept the consequence that men are aggressive, and will choose to play the games: “king of the hill/ I want to be god, over you/ and how proud I am, love me, or I will hate you” {therefore it is women who must rule society; they are an unknown, but men are not}. And peace is killed primarily, because in the end men love to play their games, MORE than they desire peace/ therefore war is a game until it is proven that the mutilation and pain and loss are not worth the price of this game; every few years they do it over/ just because the leadership and sufficient quantities of men get bored; they then pull in the rest “what can we do”. It becomes simply kill or be killed/ if not, then watch as they kill everything of value to you, until you do hate them enough to join the games. All men are not bad/ but all men as a group called male; are subjected to the realities of historical madness, and the consequences of power in society. When only a few rule, they can influence all the rest. When only a few have all the money/ they will play with you like toys. Just how it is. Therefore what intervenes in the realities of wealth, society, peace, and life: is the consequence and agreements called LAW. And those who create and enforce them. The current male population works only to establish “the money is our leader/ nothing else matters; only the money: lets all sing now MONEY, MONEY, MONEY/ let the world give me everything”. This of course ends in poverty and war because as resources are consumed, reality sets in and the thieves are isolated unto themselves. When that is a nation, they go to war/ no point in looking at ourselves: it means change, and who the hell wants that: LETS TAKE THEIRS! THE TRUTH of an honorable society, uses the law to refuse all these traitors of life; and contain them to their disgrace and disrespect for all the others; BY DEMANDING THAT WE ARE EQUAL! This in turn destroys the opportunity to proclaim “we are kings/ we are gods/ pay me”. When equality fails/ society fails with it. When equality ends, there will soon be war/ the only real question is who has the weapons of war, and who is smart enough to run the game and win. But here again, we find the truth that a substantial amount of men “like the games”/ and they “encourage each other, to play; with bribes and fantasies and lies and more”. Thereby we learn the reality of society is held within the consequences of the law and the courtroom by guaranteeing equality/ and when that fails the inevitable result will always be war, first a failing society; which is an end to all friendship and trust and then bloodshed dependent upon the weapons and the hate. There is plenty of both in this country for an apocalyptic event, today.

The war against equality has been achieved by three major events: the war in Vietnam created a debt that could not be paid; when added to the cold war; when added to the costs of developing an arsenal of nuclear weapons and rockets called the space program to keep the truth hidden. The removal of the gold standard to insure the money itself had some value; thereby we don’t have to pay/ lets pretend instead! It actually represented a defined material considered to be worth something to the world, thereby each number has a specific value; that then opened the door, to fantasy numbers and their inevitable consequence “FREE credit; a raid on all that does have value to the nation”. The leaders of course in this raid were primarily the stock market, and the result and end to the solvency of the nation/ an end to the work/ and the need to sell off the nation quietly “so no one will know”. The last is fear: “THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL, and we can’t stop it/ therefore give me everything NOW”! The result, instead of working harder for honor, or more deliberately for truth, or wiser for respect; the college graduate in particular failed completely and turned toward the money, credit, and anything they could get/ thereby forcing inequality “BECAUSE we are going to die, therefore I don’t care; the consequence of public hate as every person is pitted in a battle for lust and pleasures in society is born”.
Each of these three things establishes a fundamental truth. One; that equality is extremely important to every society, and the failure of that equality will end in depression, the death of that society, or a changed society.
Two: that war or any consequent buildup of weapons will result in fear/ and that fear will tear society apart, and destroy its truth and its trust in each other, and for the world. It is necessary to be watchful, and not so gullible.

Three: the effect of a money system not tied to something tangible, so that the numbers must remain a fundamental to the resources available/ and not be given to thieves. This is impossible without an attachment to something “like gold”/ that cannot be easily manufactured, something known around the world. And wisdom would change the numbers dependent upon the population count, in realistic acceptance of the fact that more numbers will result in more consumption. The people who want/ will never be satisfied! Because it is their goal, and once a goal is achieved, it becomes worthless except as a trophy/ and the games continue, therefore a trophy has “a limited shelf-life”. They need another game, and another trophy/ king of the hill only lasts until the next hill; and it is not enough to have too much/ the game continues until this one or that one has it all. That is the purpose of the game/ to play god. You can’t play god, if you don’t give or take something! You only get to play god, when you do something to someone else’s life that they hate or “want”. Then you get to play god/ but after a while thank you is not enough is it? The answer, not for most of these, so they turn to hate; and express that demand to prove you are inferior to me, by buying and controlling everything in sight. When that is done, the only thing that is left is to take away “your women, and control them in your sight”/ and if that is not enough to produce war; then you “have your emperor”/ until it is.
Four: fear is a tangible predictor of life in society/ the more a society fears, the more it does not care for the others; or the more it separates from each other into their own “little groups” finding or expecting protection therein. Fear collapses the integrity of honor/ confronts bravery and courage, and many will and do fall. Fear demands your respect, and therefrom the rest of life falls from grace, as if it were responsible for taking your life away. The bigger the fears, the bigger the cowardice responses will be. The more a society searches for pleasures and gluttony; the more it believes life is about to come to an end.

Each of these factors then represents an alternative choice to life in society and this world: we can choose to remove the fears and become a humanity not surrounded by threats of extinction! To do this, a world law and police must be formed to intervene/ and honor with respect for all; must be its “bylaw of action”. This requires whatever it will require/ because the truth is, if we do not remove the threats, we will die: therefore we have nothing to lose but a short amount of time/ and we have a thousand or more years to live if we succeed. But bravery is required; the biggest blessing of these actions will be those who are alive 20 years from now, in a new and different world. Thereby it is courage that will remake the world/ AND I TELL YOU TRUE, it is eternity that humanity needs to worry about, and not a little more time to rot in your chairs. From here, the money must be returned to reality/ and the consequence of that will be people who are out of work. The consequence of reduced resource usage will be people who have wants that can only be reduced by sharing properly and with respect for each other. Both of these are not substantial problems/ but both of these require cooperation within society, so that the work is shared, the resources and their benefits are shared; and the reality of life is about family and friend and the opportunities of your freedoms that do not involve how much you can throw in the garbage “as your trophy/ I got me some”! This is your choice/ BUT it is absolutely clear by history that men can not do this! There are always a few that will move the others to war if they can. There are always a few that will push the others to play the games that lead to war, if they can. There are always a few, that will pit one side against the other, so they can take the spoils, whatever that might be. Women must rule. The foundation of other social issues that destroy peace is equality. The understanding that I am somebody/ I need not prove it; I AM. Therefore the question of how to act/ how to find a date, and accept the other sex as friendly and fair to me/ how to keep a marriage together/ how to raise children/ how to survive/ and how to thrive are all things that need to be taught in a real environment of education/ NOT the garbage of education today; whose only real purpose is to create slaves by not preparing anyone but the college educated/ and they become slaves by chaining themselves to the money. To achieve this/ they are given huge debt/ and told to behave or else. A reality that must stop; either those in business will educate their own/ a student will earn their diploma by entrance in a social program such as the military/ or specific social groups will provide. Otherwise you are free to learn on your own. The consequence of creating weapons as a society is well known; the more they create, the bigger the war they intend to sustain. Thereby limiting armies and weapons WILL be a part of the world law/ world police; a development of every nation/ provided with soldiers and resources from every nation: no one is exempt, all will comply/ NO MORE, “security council/ we are the rulers here”. Instead the LAW WILL RULE, and the police comply with the demand of that law. Enforcement will be simply: surrender the weapons or we will take them/ be respectful to us, and we will be respectful to you. It is fair.
When the world unites as one/ behind honorable and honest, for the purpose of life LAW; none can stand against you.
In these few words the reality of human society is known. Thereby if the problem is known, a solution cannot be far behind; UNLESS you refuse to change! A big part of that solution is to remove the leadership of men.

“The second half” of society is wrapped up in the few words: “I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, & I AM BORED”. The foundation that pushes failure is then, my life is not enough for me/{ I “stands for everything else is better/ or I am better than everyone else, see my trophy”. } The critical reality then is; a competition to achieve a goal, and establish a game. If you don’t have enough, you can hate/ if you have more than the others, then you can gloat, and pretend how lucky they are to be blessed with your presence in their lives; and if they won’t worship you/ then you can hate. The fundamental advance of humanity towards an honorable friendship that has a commitment of values to each other, is the understanding that “I WANT” to provide a great gift to this person/ that they may know just how much I appreciate them in my life”. However focused in greater detail, and want proves more critical; the reality is still “to prove I am the greater one here/ instead of just friends forever: its cheaper”. Friends forever is an answer for tomorrow that says honestly I will be here for you/ whereas a gift of excess says; “Today is a good day, thank you for today”. This is the first “I want”. The second is in the demands of life, my survival is more important than yours/ therefore you need to obey me. The critical question of want is then a measurement of each other, and the assumption that you can survive if necessary/ by consuming your companion, or even your friend. This brings hate in full force, as base survival establishes the necessity of me over you/ and the consequence; I WILL make you understand my decision/ YOU will become “just like me”. The stranglehold of rage then takes over, and the force of hate consumes; because when any life is measured, it is held to be unequal, and thereby better : how dare you be better than me/ I hate you: Or worse, you are worthless to me/ I will use you for the trash you are, and then throw you away. This is the second “I want; to live”. The third is, how dare you have more than me/ how dare you be special or privileged or flaunt a better trophy of life, than me: I WANT these things more than you/ I DESERVE these things more than you/ I WILL GET THESE THINGS, because life and you have cheated me, and I hate you enough to pay this price; I will prove it/ just watch me. “See I am better than you/ I did more than you with less; even if it is not the same/ I am better”. The fourth means to an end is Boredom: “I don’t care about my life/ I don’t want my situation in life/ I don’t care about anyone & if I share its because I WANT to make you cry, to trick you, to describe you as “of less value than me”/ or if I work, its because I have to, life isn’t fair! These accumulate into a demand for excitement/ which then brings guns/ speed and danger/ “the horror show”/ and a variety of games to the forefront as a means to show “even though I am bored/ I am not dead; pay attention to me.” The foundation of boredom is simply: you won’t accept the consequence of your life is to build a life for yourself! Instead, the mind looks for methods and ways to achieve what you WANT, by using dishonest and disrespectful methods to achieve the excitement of not doing your part/ not participating honestly/ and not being honorable or respectful of your truth and reality. The question in each of these is simply: what does life mean to you? The answer in humanity depends upon friendship, and the acceptance of a duty to work for the life you desire/ because a purpose exists in you that expresses thanks for the opportunity. Life is not free, your future is not free, your eternity is not free; YOU are required to participate. You are required to find something that is worth living for/ worth finding/ and worth the price of your life. Each of these is found in love, and no where else; true happiness erupts from that love, honest family in you is the compromise between love as your gift/ and the gifts that you receive in love. Few are willing/ pride is power, and power is selfish; therefore it cannot be given because the selfishness would leave. Why is that a concern? Because if you are not selfish/ then you do have to share and care/ and duty takes over your life, because need is greater than want; and there is much need everywhere. Your life is attacked for love/ and the others steal it, if you give to them what they will not replace or return. Thereby dating especially, becomes fraught with opportunities to love/ and to steal. The only question that remains is: WHO do you desire to be? That question simply Stated is: if you will be loving, YOU MUST give your love to GOD FIRST / and in doing so remove the want that drives the others. It is the want that turns love into hate/ it is the hate that consumes your love. Giving your love to GOD in simple living terms means: you will not lie/ you will do what reality allows you to do, that is all there is/ you will accept the duty of being responsible, as is fair to all, including you/ you will honor the life you are given/ and you will accept the others, because they are people too, and in need: how can you refuse? Be fair/ be equal/ be kind/ and work hard, because above all else it presents an opportunity to be free a little later on. If you just use a little common sense/ and do not follow want everywhere you go. No want/ means no pride. No pride means/ no power. No power means the possibilities for a honorable friendship are in you/ if only there is another. Sex is a catalyst to society/ because it understands the basic need to share life as a true experience in you. Those who are left out/ fundamentally challenge “why not me/ what’s wrong with me/ I am as important a life as you”! This is the creation of “The have’s and the have not’s”/ because it is far more important than possessions, it is the acceptance of life. Therein life assigns a duty to us all/ that sex is important, and we owe it to each other, to help one another find a honest and real friend in the other sex; so that life may be balanced and complete as it was meant to be. The religions will all complain; sex is “bad”. But the reality is sex is a gift from GOD/ and that means it cannot be bad. Instead what is bad, is the failure to respect it properly, and understand that a sexual relationship is a gift of another human being to the consequences of your own life; therefore you must honor it honestly/ or not accept it at all. Sexuality is not for children/ not for the faint of heart, learn better/ not for those who hate, or will not respect the other person. Sexuality, “the appreciation of another life, the protection of another soul against the elements of time, the opportunity of being known inside and receiving the chance to change as necessary: for life/ and much more, because it is the evidence of your own reality. The existence of your own truth as a human being; are you only taking/ do you care/ will you share openly and honestly with respect/ will you be fair and equal and alive. Alive is the honesty of creation in you/ the assignment of a blessing, “and it is you” ! PRAISE GOD!

What is beautiful, is not a body/ but the essence of a mind in freedom, the opportunity to be yourself, because you live without the fear of others judging you/ because you search for the reality of truth, even if it is just inside yourself. The consequence of a fragile society/ one that lives to make rules and enforce rules; is the people are imprisoned inside the dimensions set by the righteous, fo their own lives. That enforces the demand to “break free” of the others/ or becomes a consequence that turns in hate to destroy this society, and its people, because they ruined my life. One of the most common of these realities is seen in the people who marry young, never having dated anyone else. Many will end in divorce/ because one or the other feels controlled, and that their own life should have been different: “its all their fault/ they kept me from living the life I WANTED”. Obviously that is not true, because if you truly desired a different life/ you would have chosen it, and done what you could do, to insure it; but you did not/ therefore by equal measure, it is your own choice. The consequence of freedom is a chance to behave as you wish/ it is a learning experience, instead of a boredom. Thereby better, even if society must endure more than it would otherwise choose. You cannot/ you must not choose for the other, it is unfair! Instead, where there behavior is a true & significant threat to our lives/ only then does a right exist to demand the rules must intervene. The right to understand life, is not governed by others/ it is YOUR RIGHT, even if that means slightly or realistically different behaviors will form, for that learning. My own life is given to learning/ at its extremes, because that is where the true evidence that turns to knowledge will exist. The consequence of life is; “Those who are my family here on earth, are constantly scared, what’s he going to do/ what is he going to say; they talk about us to then you know”. See. Those who know me, have pondered whether they should kill me or not/ “he’s smart enough to cause us trouble; pride doesn’t want to lose anything”/ called a bum many times: And so on. Therefore I do say to all, even though the times I have been told by many different people “you will never amount to anything/ you will never accomplish anything important; so you might as well give up, and do what your told” are countless. A critical fact is, “I simply am not concerned with doing, anything important to you/ I don’t care what you think of me”/ but The evidence is, that knowledge is critical to life/ and the fact that people refuse to learn, or chose their selfishness instead of life, is not fundamental to whether you have chosen well or not. Don’t care, does not mean, doesn’t respect you/ it just means, “I am free/ and will not be imprisoned by your thoughts/ I CHOOSE, for myself”. Life is now at its crossroads, and we will soon choose to live or die/ because nature holds all the keys, and once it fails past the point where it can support us; there will be no other answers that make a difference; we are dead! Can’t believe it, nothing can happen? Believe 7 billion people and growing DOES have an impact on the earth, open your eyes, and find your mind! The critical issues of life are: without wisdom there is no life! Therefore it is necessary to become educated and involved with your life/ and as a consequence to your own life, what happens in society is a concern and a duty and a responsibility as well. If your decisions cause the extermination of all life on earth/ does my life not die to this world as well? Of course it does, and even if it survived alone/ what value would that be? Would it matter if no other life existed, that you could live in any mansion or all of them across the world? NO it would not, because it is life that is important, and possessions do not present a happiness/ they are merely a distraction and a game and a pride. It is your want that makes them important/ it is your selfishness that makes you want the life of a rich person. Wealth does not buy friendship or the value of an honorable family/ but neither does wisdom. Happiness is the distance we create inside our souls, for another life to travel with us in this journey called life. Happiness is then the essence of “an honorable sexual union/ without the sex”/ it is a destiny joined, for the purpose of a shared experience; a joy assigned happiness, because we are not alone. We enter the environment that gives us a place to believe in each other, and find our home.
GOD IS REAL, CREATION IS REAL, HELL AND ARMAGEDDON are a decision you will make! Simply because as humanity, the failure to respect/ to understand/ to choose wisely now/ to share or to care/ and more is going to be the difference between life and death: whether you like it/ whether or believe it, or not. We well judge ourselves, by our decisions.

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