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In the relationships that are men and women/ teenager to teenager; the definitions always include sexual existence, because that is real. But the reality of living in the presence of each other is far more complex, than what chemistry provides. Chemistry is more than body, it is a decision of the heart as well.

It is perhaps presumptuous of me, but feelings are an issue of reality that pervades the experience of male and female at every level of consciousness, even in male/ and that means it is a necessary part of any discussion that includes the behavior and purposes of an intimate expression of life. Feelings are, the understanding of a need, without the knowledge of how to make the journey inside ourselves to discover the purpose. Feelings are, the creation of an order, that needs life to find an opportunity to reveal it. Feelings are, the assumption of a right, even though the reality may in fact be wrong because of respect, or honor, or duty. Feelings present a foundation, but are without the structure to build upon. Feelings give us, a desire to build hope, and a union with life that prevents our denial that we cannot build here/ feelings say we must. Therefore feelings are powerful tools, but they are also fundamental discoveries in a world filled with life. These discoveries lead to efforts in kindness, hopes for life because the reality is avoided because life is more important, opportunities for love and the expression of love beyond the simple order or discipline of rules, and the need to breathe freely in the search for ourselves, our lives, and our future. Feelings are wonderful things, but they come without the boundaries of physical needs/ therefore disciplines are not the purpose of feelings, an order to the nature called love is. What is natural and true assigns the value of life, to the intimacy of our expressions in the experiences of what lives without measure, as the moments called life. Feelings grant meaning, foundations grant time, or the expansion of disciplines. Therefore in the world of men, it is the foundations and disciplines of life that get attention, because they escape the meanings of a life in time, by presenting answers. But in the world of women, it is feelings that warm the soul, and give the heart its honor called life. It is feelings that surrender the answers of life, to live in the creation of a heartbeat that believes nothing else matters today, nothing else can be this important for tomorrow, we need our hearts in song; we need ourselves in hope.

The compositions in time describe heartache among male and female, because our existence depends upon a balance between these two extremes; an honesty that recognizes the essence of love that is woman/ and the reality of life that is man. Balance means; that love “lifts us alive”, in the truth that nothing better will ever exist/ while reality of life, reminds us that truth does not care about love, it only cares about the law, and that law can destroy us if we will not obey its disciplines and order. These things combine, to understand love, peace, and life need discipline/ but happiness needs to be free. Therefore what is woman, because she feels her destiny in love, brings the essence of that love to the balance of happiness shared. But what is man brings discipline, because he needs to provide the foundation from which this love can survive. For this cause and this reason, man and woman find each other and create a home for each other. Those who are not so lucky as “two people in love”, must contend with a life that cannot be balanced, but by moments. And those moments are shaped by the honesty and life of another who simply cannot, or will not stay. Honesty asks: what is fair, about a life that is not balanced or shared in the gifts of free expression as love. The answer is, love is not measured, love is not owned or bought or rented; love is the essence or element of a life bound to a destiny that lives in eternity. Love is the evidence in creation itself, that truth designed us, and gave us this life to share with each other and our Creator. Love is the meaning of what “we see” inside each other, to believe in, to accept, and to express what our souls reveal: that nothing is so important “as the existence of you” to life. Truth and disciplines are essential tools, but love owns eternity, and it is our home. “Walking on the inside of expression” means, that the intensity of creation walks inside of you, because you share the experience. Living in the experience of love reaches out, to share life without shame. But we are not simple sexually; there are numerous complications to living with complete freedoms, fundamental failures to understanding life is simply about love. Therefore we must find balance, purpose, and the reality of a desire that will not fail; if truth and honesty and honor are allowed to rule. Just how it is. These are the definitions of woman, and they participate in her world.

The composition of man is different, it begins with the majority infatuation of men with woman’s breasts. And is recognized as the consequence of his life as a man; the reality that discipline, order, and the courage to confront danger are expected and realized in many lives. The reality of a woman’s breast very simply is: these are not made for war/ these will never hurt me, because they cannot; these are the evidence of a possibility “safe and warm, and kind to me”. The body of man is built for protection, by allowing for war. The body of woman is built for peace, thereby removing the expectation of war. The reality of male and female then, in terms of body and mind; is a reality consumed by the needs of truth in society and in environment that do not respect the reality of love. There are many of these, and for that cause alone, the reality of a home built only upon love does not exist. Instead truth declares, that discipline will conceive of bravery and duty and responsibility/ while order through the evidence of knowledge based in truth, fights for the understanding that brings wisdom to replace each battle with peace. It is the failure of human men/ that they do not choose wisdom or peace or understanding/ but seek only the knowledge of weapons and war and “make me god, over them”. The essence of male reality is then critical to the expressions of truth, but without love for real, all expressions fail. The experience of truth does not care about life/ it is simply the disciplines and order of law, and there are no allowances for failure. It is man that represents the honor of upholding the law in this environment of time/ but it is also men that represent all failure of the law, to be what life needs it to be.

The tears we share together, are found in many ways; but mostly they are the evidence of what loneliness means, when it expands as the knowledge; this one simply doesn’t care about me. My love, my life doesn’t matter. In general, the composite description of much of this damage between man and woman can be summed up in this simple description: some years ago, I was waiting an entire afternoon for lighting poles to be delivered for a softball field I was working on; something had gone wrong/ and the next day at a specified time they were to now arrive. This time I was about 20 minutes late, and they were early. The driver mentioned it, and I pointed out that I had lost an entire afternoon waiting for these: to which the driver pointed out; “that was the companies fault/ and he was the truck driver, WHY should he have to pay”. Our reality as man and woman in many ways reflects the same consequence; someone does someone wrong, and the next one gets the bill, so to speak. It is not as much intentional, as it is “I don’t owe nothing here”; but of course that is not true, simply because this is a new individual, and he or she in not responsible for your complaint, and must not “get billed for it”. Get a new attitude, before you get a new relationship! It is your job, to do so.

My own dating reality was lost, in the simple mire; that loneliness will bring tears. That when life finds someone who will and does stop what loneliness can be through love; then it is hard to find that person is leaving. The end result of a sexual relationship, is just more tears. I just couldn’t stay. It is probable and true, that the Cuban missile crisis of the 60's requires that of me. I still remember, the whole day, wandering if “these fools, are going to kill us all”/ and being thankful they did not. The critical reality of it, started a lifetime of investigating deeper, and struggling to make a difference. The lives in-between all those years went from: “don’t care, don’t want to think about it, leave me alone/ to today’s version; its too late now, they are going to kill us all, nothing we can do, leave me alone.” Same excuse, simple as: just don’t care enough! Leave me alone. Asking why are you so lame/ why are you so blind and pathetic? And the answer is: fear/ “I have something, and I don’t want to lose this something; so they pretend reality is not real, and hide in holes until the day they are dead. Not a pretty sight.
While this web site, and this education are the evidence of a “little life; where is my influence/ where is my gain for spending a lifetime and all that goes with it, for a purpose that cannot be bought”? The reality is quite simply, “I am doing the best I can/ if you will not help, that is your decision: BUT I will do the best I can; living in the positive hope for life, because truth allows us, as humanity, the privilege of changing life on earth. It is a decision/ it does require courage and commitment/ it is a truth that lives and extends from your heart.

What have you gained with all of your own efforts: your money and your lives are worthless today/ worthless because the numbers prove the money has no meaning; and a life worthless as well, because you cannot survive it, and you cannot escape the hell, Armageddon, and hades that you have chosen: unless you change. If you, the humanity of this earth, do so choose: you survive/ if not, then you die; it ain’t a hard concept to understand. I am aware all the leaders of today continue to say; “we don’t care/ leave us alone”: take a look at the trials presented to you. The reality of my life is, I will not tempt you, can’t buy you; and the truth is without real change in human beings, it is a worthless effort to do anything more. But you are human/ that means you can change; it’s a choice! So if you put one foot in front of the other so to speak, and make a difference in your own life & someone else’s life, then maybe they will do the same. Either that, or you personally, have chosen to surrender the entire world; simply because the whole world, the entire future of life on earth: wasn’t important enough to you, to even try. How pathetic! BUT YOU DO, chase money, lust for sex, buy weapons and prepare to kill, maim, and cannibalize people: you literally work at that, care about that, worship that, and spend your lives for that. Just not peace, instead you are fighting for happiness/ but reduced to ridicule because your lives are without love. Love is not the laughter of ridicule, joining in so they don’t ridicule you. Love is not lust for a body, that you then reject, because a different body caught your eye. Love is not “your Sunday payment, or lease arrangement of your religion” whatever it is: you get nothing. Love is your life committed to the existence of a world that honors Our CREATOR! Love is, your honesty distinguished as a participant in keeping life whole, protecting the innocent, living as if your life were on display and your purpose was respect for GOD . Love is not, the tragedy of your ways, the failure of your lives, and hiding from truth. Shame on you.

Women too, with slightly less ambition search for worthless things; demand payments for nothing/ and use their sex as a temptation or a weapon against life. The difference is represented by the women who were approached with the invention for protection against rape, and chemical tagging for court. Not a single woman out of twenty or so, wanted to stop an attacker, none wanted to have courtroom evidence: every single one said the same basic thing; if I have a gun, or a means to stop or control an attack/ I want to kill him! So much for peace and law. The reality of many women is very simply; you want man to look at you/ but very many carry clubs and weapons to beat upon those who do look in various ways; because you only want the ones you want. Life is not about want/ it is about life; grow up. Think about your reality: you choose to ask men to look with one hand, and beat those you choose against with the other hand: and the competition is fierce among you, causing women to use sex as a tool: and this is the best you can do! It is pride that stands in your way, the animal lusts of want, that turn you away from life and love and happiness. And to the men who leer and lust, and make women be so defensive; STOP IT! Shame on you all! This is a reality so pervasive and with such ridicule for men, that I only very rarely notice any woman; it is not a fear to look/ it is a reality that so many, are so afraid of men; I simply choose not to participate in your fears. The list is long, of a need to change. And no, I neither lust or leer/ it is a simple relationship: if you ask someone to look/ it is wrong of you to punish them for looking. In a similar sense I have put up my own life to be seen; not because it is a desire in me/ but because it is a need in me that must be filled. I cannot do nothing, and let you die/ I WON’T do nothing and let the children be murdered. So what is fair, to me and to you? The answer is I cannot say don’t look/ I have prepared the words and took the actions that allow that very thing; it would be a lie to say that is not true. Therefore you do have a right to look at my life. But the eyes do not hold a key/ they are merely an invitation to experience “a new vision, of what life holds in truth”. The question of a right to take/ a right to abuse, or use/ or an opportunity to disgrace or disrespect; irregardless of “how I am dressed”. Is not yours to have. What I provide with honesty and honor for your purposes, that you may have; such as a look at the truth, the body of work presented. But unless you meet the price of working for life itself to survive on this earth, within the parameters set for you by me/ without these, any action taken by you is a rape, or intent to rape. If you do meet “the price of acceptance”/ then it is only fair that what is offered for that purpose, is given.

So life on earth, at least in america is dedicated to the frivolous and unkind. The reality as simple as, we don’t care/ we won’t share anything, even with those in need. To which all the public citizen arises to claim: “We give lots/ to everyone/ to all in need; we are the most giving nation that has ever lived. So says our media, as ordered by the government/ and you believe in them: because propaganda doesn’t happen here, in the land of the deaf, blind, and mute.” Isn’t that right? Or is reality more clearly true that the terrorists of greed, selfishness, power, and hate have all come to rule your lives; threaten you with extinction, and control your government; because you cannot. The question of giving is then presented as: what is the difference between those who give “what they would never miss”/ and those who give because there is a need that must be met? [ The answer is, when you give away your lies, even though you work hard: it is still a lie/ because you stole the things you give, from the future/ from the children/ and from this earth. Therefore you give nothing but hell and Armageddon.] Your work, your reality, and lives lost in Iraq; simply little more than death and destruction/ because pride and theft and power control the consequence of these ways: THE LAW, is not being used. And without a government based in law, no military solution will be found; this surge is just a temporary moment, and will fail because of hate . The foundation of peace is LAW, and the justice that people declare is their nation/ their opportunity and work for peace. The government elected has no desire for law, they wait to carve the nation of Iraq up, and be dictators. The DECISION we will work for fair play, peace, and equality for us all, is required of every nation. Because there is no other way for peace, happiness, or life. The solution in Iraq at this time is a new vote, created by the Americans: that asks the people of Iraq if they desire to elect a NEW GOVERNMENT; and try again. That vote would also include, WHAT are you going to do; for your nation building? And what do you desire the foreign military to do for you; including leave you alone. Or if you will not resolve life, as a reality based in law/ there is no reason to stay. It is the job of government employees to present the possibilities of law/ it is the job of the citizenry to decide if this is “good enough”; and change what is not. Create the law that is JUST, FAIR, AND EQUAL TREATMENT, FOR ALL; and let the law decide what the government will be! Only then can peace rule a nation. As is true of every single nation, the election of officials is not as important as the laws that define and defend the nation, and every citizen there. It is the law that unites, it is the law that clarifies who is right or wrong, it is the law that builds or tears down a nation. And it is the employees of government, that are subject to the law; just like any other citizen. Those who move against the law/ move against every single citizen, in tyranny and treason against the nation. Those who believe the law is trivial and can be defeated with nonsense and greed are to be imprisoned; if they are employees assigned to protect the nation, by protecting the law, and enforcing the rights of the people to decide.

While a vote for the officials is somewhat useful, the reality of every vote for a human being is: they get to change their mind; making your vote then not only worthless, but entirely for the other side. This is fundamentally destructive to the presence and value of a vote, where real issues are to be decided/ making the people feel useless, betrayed, and even afraid. The foundation of every nation is its law. It is the law, in short, concise, and real terms that must be voted upon by the people; because these words can be protected from those who would suggest they are worthless and without merit/ the law can be defended: IF IT IS CLEARLY AND SIMPLY WRITTEN, therefore understood by all! And it is the employee, that must be hired to protect the law/ NOT the current useless reality of allowing them the freedom to do whatever they want, irregardless of promises made. Power to anyone, MUST BE HELD BY THE LAW! Not a person, the law! And the judge MUST NEVER, be allowed to assume that he or she is the law: NOTHING COULD BE MORE UNTRUE! They are merely the evidence of mercy from the law, because the law is either yes or no/ and cares nothing about why; the law, is yes or no! Protect your court! Throw out ANY judge or official that does not clearly support and defend justice, fair play, and equality! And understand: IT IS the people who do NOT desire justice, fair play, or equality/ that fight against these things. These are the things, that survive and continue in peace as a nation of value for its people, do this and you will be happy. But remember this; there are no “blanket statements or rules” to decide what others may or may not do/ even if you don’t like it. Such a reality is this: that to smoke is an individual right, and that extends to the decision of whether a business decides to be smoke-free or not. Extends in freedom to have businesses for smokers/ & extends to the freedom for businesses to be smoke-free: in other words, it is not a decision of governments either small or large. We live in a world of threats, each of which WILL exterminate us; leave the little things alone. The alternate of this, is to extend government into the things that are not personal freedoms, and protect each other from the tragedy of criminals who practice extortion for instance in medical terms; on those who cannot defend themselves. [every charge in a medical billing, is for some person who wants money; “no building charges you/ no pill/ none of it: everything is a human charge”. Www.trialforlife.info is a federal trial about medicine and healthcare concerns, for useful reference]. And in-between these, is the right to drive; and the fundamental intervention in government by the people; to prove you cannot threaten me, with my needs or my right to proceed to work or any other tool: simply to collect money, or prove power. Power is the tool that consumes freedom, any official power is the dictator that proves treasonous to democracy and power to the people. But make no mistake, the people who threaten others with their driving are those who lose their freedom to drive; the greatest threat is debated as the elderly, the young, and the drugged, alcohol or not. To this list is a long line of idiots, that don’t understand a tenth of a second, and someone can die! Accidents will happen, but responsibility looks at equal treatment for all: NO favorites, but mercy where it is responsible and fair. The law must be limited to only what is needed by society, chosen only by the people themselves in very short & plain language, and protected from those who would confine us, dictate to us, imprison or extort from us, or in any other way: “ take from us the law that is our protection from them”. The law is ours/ & it is not a toy, or a tool, it is the foundation of our lives, in society and this world. Without law, there is only chaos and anarchy and murder; with honest and honorable justice, there is peace, happiness, love, and equality for all.
With that said our relationship with other nations is very poor; it is unimportant to move goods into countries where long term problems exist; they must move to manufacture their own, to care about their own situations, to learn the methods that will bring peace, life, and happiness to all. And stability to their own society. Therefore it is necessary to move education, tools, and resource information that these things may move themselves as their own solutions. It is not a simple matter, of taking from some, and giving to others: life is about doing what you need to do/ learning what you need to know, and working where you need to change.

The people who give according to a need, who give with their lives, because it is the honesty of who they are. Live a different life, because love determines what respect must do. It is not a gift, it is a way of living that honors the gift that is life. It is a purpose and a desire that lives in the heart, and gives meaning to soul. It is our souls, rising!

The foundation of feelings, is the understanding; that my life, is a mystery to me! That what we do, or what we/ I say, is influenced by an order that is not known. The questions of feelings, is a foundation built on spirituality; that understands the meaning of our lives, better than do we. That said, our participation is a discovery of timeless beauty, that we are indeed children of GOD , that we are loved, as the evidence and miracles which surround us does prove. Therefore Love is the essence of feelings, and life is the understanding that our gift of freedoms, to be who we choose to be; is far more than a simple opportunity, it is the journey that becomes our lives. The destiny we meet at its end, is the truth we have chosen to identify in us, as our desire, our purpose, and our love. The existence of what expresses beyond time, “the purpose of a life in truth”; is spirituality. The essence of this spirituality, is then the relationship we share with the glory that is life itself. For life is nothing less, than the meaning of everything. More simply; life is the discovery, that we have entered inside the disciplines and order of thought, truth, and law, and found creation in us. What is a focus upon “the outside of life”/ cannot compare.
In human terms, what is body and mind; has no meaning, in accordance or comparison with heart and soul. What is life, discovers the meanings that transform heart and soul, into your own trust and truth. The essence of love, the boundary called respect, and the moments of a relationship with GOD That can be nothing else.

It is constant and true, the need for a little humor in all the possibilities that exist before us is plain and simple: hope is the distance we travel in the struggle to survive. Living is the measure of what we see, as our own struggle with what is ourselves. And we need relief, once in awhile. What is funny covers many sores from the battlefields of life/ what is humorous exists as the meaning of what we cannot describe as ourselves or others we must live with/ what is anger, is the suppression of what we cannot change, and thereby look to the release of others who are the same; but still survive anyway.
Feelings are the gateway, to a disciplined learning that gives order to things we cannot understand, but need our lives to be. Feelings are the unmeasured expression of a discipline we cannot master or use. Feelings are the beginning of our relationship with time, so that we learn to express ourselves not as humanity, but as ourselves. The moments we choose to surrender to comedy, becomes a relationship selected to establish an expression that is not taught to us, but chosen for ourselves. What is friendly and fair, if not within fundamental respect, is still just a game; where enemies perceived or real come to say, “we are not so bad, be at peace”.

The world is full of expressions of fear, generated by those whose true purpose is largely to say: “Stay away from me”. Where the reality is actually; more simply, more plain: we are afraid. The question of life or death will be decided, by who fears the most. The question of women will be assigned, by who will not be afraid. Discipline is a purpose that lives in truth/ desire is a reality, that decides life is a passionate response, to the essence called “myself”. Truth is the essence of our humanity, given this opportunity to survive. Law is law, and will never surrender, it is the law, and will not be defeated; therefore accept the law/ or be afraid.

Feelings are a foundation for tears as well; tears being the fundamental release of a happiness surrendered to the reality, “we” are lost/ and may never be found again. We are the evidence of my hope, my soul at rest in your heart; and we are destined to be separated and alone. Tears say simply; my heart dies a little today/ my soul searches, but happiness has failed me. Tears learn; that honor is the place inside that remembers the disciplines and order of a life worth discovering in the elemental existence of time. The place where love is a passage inside, and life is an open door that reveals the soul that will not fear “to touch me”. We cannot find this moment home, until eternity; but we cannot live in the essence of time as love, unless these moments are shared. Tears recognize that someone cared enough to try to find their way inside my life/ tears display the distance we have traveled together for the purposes of a true life in happiness and joy. Tears are a sign of courage, that you were not so scared, that you never even tried.

The voice inside your head, is not a feeling/ it is a distinct description of measurements taken from life; that are now trying to influence your hate. Hate is not a feeling, it is your descent from life, to the consequence of violence/ and the need to be excited about revenge! Because your life, is being stolen or sold by you.

The opportunity for life, is a precious thing/ inside this environment of expressions and experience, the essence of a basis for freedom exists within our ability to decide what is true/ or what is false. The essence of truth, is the creation of a destiny and the journey that extends from time into creation itself. Creation is: the intensity of a decision found to be in order with the laws of the universe itself. Thereby life is, the essence of law, within the format of time. The destruction that is simply false, comes about within the understanding of a possibility to want “something else”/ and as a result follow that string of lures, into a temptation that dissolves the links between you and the truth that allows you to live. We do not live as simple time/ we live as the law gives us freedom to live. Therein we die, as the lies accumulate into the destruction of our connection with these laws. This is the essence of soul/ and does not express the mutilation of body, into a state of early death by accident or other means; more simply it is natural consequences, through the purposes of your own truth and time. Discipline is the meaning given to the fractures of a placement of your trust in things that do not work/ thereby creating horrible or less consequential realities of unintentional lies that work to destroy this connection of yours with soul. Everyone has soul/ but anyone can eliminate soul, simply because you did not care enough to understand the essence of your life is soul. Soul is, our connection to the universe of life/ because we are fundamental creations of the destiny we have chosen. We are inhabitants, of the world called thought/ even though we are physical by the body and mind of time. If you consider in your fundamentals of understanding in the basis and freedoms of the life you do live here on earth/ you will see that without thought, we are nothing. A rock exists/ because it has no thought/ we live because we do. Therein the critical understanding of a position called life, is the ascension between what is thought/ and what is simply the essence of an existence, from which we may grow until we do live. Alive is the meaning given to the people, who have applied discipline in their lives/ that they may learn how to correct the fractures and failures of their own world of life. Discipline is then “the medicine of the world called thought/ and he or she who enters therein does so, because they need “the care”/ and because they are wandering into area’s of behavior and mental developments that are trying to kill them. Discipline only works, if you are honest, honorable, and hopeful/ healing only takes effect if you are respectful, and learn to trust the density: of a world without time. Density explains; happiness is an intensity without end, an experience in the expression of joy, created by the understanding that you are welcomed here/ you are fundamentally accepted within the law; and therefrom “the universe is yours/ to play and work therein”. What is law, is life. Therefore those who decide the law, or the disciplines taught by law in the environments of time, are worthless; cast their own lives adrift. And will shift beyond the expression of life into the destruction of an environment wherein “you don’t belong/ and must fight to survive.” This is the beginning of hell/ the understanding of being a true outcast from the learning of life, because you chose to enter the lies instead. Some would say: why must there be a choice/ why can there not simply be barriers and blockades to death? The answer is, in an eternity; there must be freedoms. To inherit the benefits of freedoms/ there must be learning, or else you die. Just how it is.

The question presented to all humanity is then: reality proves the truth of life, is held within the peace of law/ the understanding of what is truth/ and the fundamental existence of time, as it allows you to enter within the nature of thought. Thought is not a gift/ it must be earned! Thereby creating a passage from which you may inherit eternity; because you cared enough about life/ to wander within creation, and ask why. The development of being alive, comes when the passage enters “the door” beyond ourselves/ and encounters life without the constraints of time. What is beyond ourselves cannot be selfish/ these are contradictions! Thereby the focus of life as humanity; is a concentration of endeavors to prove the value of being happy and free/ and the cost of being selfish/ proud/ and wanting. Those who succeed in happy and free, understand the basic reference of value that says: Today, I have seen the miracles of life/ and know that I am one. Those who fail the test of value slip outside the event of life, and choose self. Life is an event because of the opportunity to be more than human/ therefore a race to understand the benefits of existence in time; that you may learn from the experience of how thought intercedes for you, to create the blessings that you have known. Thought is the difference between you and the event of death/ because thought is not human, (thought is not of the mind)/ instead thought exists within life itself, as the option to learn better about the law, than simply being its servant. To learn life, and accept thought, you must become assembled by the structures of a density unlike time. Density means: to be applied by the evidence of thought/ into its participation at the extreme levels of energy. To become a part of energy/ it is fundamentally necessary to live the experience. To live the experience, it is critically necessary to know the law that rules all life, throughout the universe itself. We are an energy here as a human. Not the chemical kind which keeps the body and mind working/ but the essence of energy kind, wherein the body of energy that is our soul, gives birth to the essence of you. You are a truth in thought/ when you graduate from the experience of time, to become the expression of your own thoughts. No thought exists within the realm called evil/ these are all destructive by their reality; and the consequence is, they are lies; that form a barrier to life; a blockade surrounding you into the prison that has become your life. Thought itself understand only honor, honesty, and respect: it is life that understands love, and family/ friend. The question then presents: is thought the essence of an integration with truth/ and if not, then why is evil not a function of thought; because human reality states that evil complicates life, and therefrom must have some element of thought to intervene in our lives? The answer is, fundamentally truth knows know difference between what is good or bad: instead it only knows the reality of “poles”/ and the essence of what that behavior of change means between the poles of energy. It is kind of like negative and positive charges in electricity; but thought has nothing to do with electricity. Rather, the question of life exists in the sanctity of a balance that does not struggle in either way; it simply knows, and thought defines life/ while destruction defines evil. Here we enter the field of essence, the understanding of density as the drama between what is exciting, and what is peace. Energy says; make a mistake, and you die. Peace says; why should we encounter this area of participation/ when we can simply stay where we are? The answer is freedom exists to encounter the universe/ NOT “sit at home, and rot on the couch”. So to speak. The reality is then to understand in the basis and recognition of “tiny increments”/ that this much is ok, while a tiny bit more and you must make a decision that could be life or death for you. Truth is not an enemy/ but it is not a savior either. You must understand/ BEFORE you can leave the safety of what is called peace/ for the freedoms of what is called happiness. It is an ascension of knowledge/ an opportunity of life/ and a decision of personal creation; that you, whosoever you are given the keys to investigate, examine and decide. These are the questions of “the inner soul”/ or as love would decipher it: why does my heart ache, or “break”? The essence of love is trust/ the reality of trusting in anything that is not “sufficiently pure” to be worthy of your trust is: you will be hurt/ because the necessary strength to join or bond with this other experience of life, has weakened your own soul, to the point of tears. “Tears” are then the understanding of being less stable, and less free, than life had made you/ and you have earned. The question of tears is then simply: how do we understand who we can trust? The answer is: only GOD knows for sure/ therefore the true test of life is: How do we learn to encounter and trust our GOD / HOW do we know, what is real, and safe, and essential to our happiness and truth? The answer is: simply, we are a miracle that has no answer here on earth (therefore we refer simply to our CREATOR “As GOD” / because respect knows no better way). The liars abound/ but truly “if you cannot get beyond these simple temptations; how will you ever succeed at life”? The path to GOD Is discipline/ because we all make constant mistakes at first/ we all inherit the accidents and failures of our societies/ we are all influenced and inundated with rules instead of the freedoms to learn honestly; and honor is clearly not to be found in all but a few homes. Therefore discipline is the path/ but the removal of pride, want, selfishness, power, and hate IS THE PRICE! If you fail to remove these/ you will fail at everything else; therefore the first lesson in who to trust is the understanding that reveals these very traits of the soul or death of the mind that exists on the inside. “Mr. or Ms perfect”/ is the essence of death, hung around your neck like a prize. Its purpose is to reveal the price of such things as measuring the existence of others, or the want that demands you will and must be proud: it is in its construction, the assumption that “the others” are more important than the lives next to you: do you not attempt to be “perfect, to impress these”? Yes you do, and it is often at the cost of a friend, or family member that needs your support in their own life: a statement that says “yes, I will share this/ because you are important to me; because I love you”. Perfection knows nothing of love or life/ it simply wants the reward implanted by society “that you are successful, and should be proud”. Neither is it wise to do less than your best/ why should you let the others infect you with disease of the heart; “just do your best/ but surrender the idea, what will the others say, and become a life of your own.

The illustration of proud is then quite simply: “I will worship your conversation or trophies, making you my god; if you will only say, I am better than you”. The intent of course is to be god over them/ that they may worship you. But the reality is a game of stupidity and ignorance/ without a grain of honor anywhere inside. It is simply, “To refuse the tongues of those who malign you/ and make them say: we must have been wrong”. It is a battleground that cannot be won/ because the tongues of people, love the game, and will not be respectful/ or quiet. Instead the liars trophy becomes “You”.
I am aware, that the intricacy of language is frightening to some/ how can we survive, if thought is the only way; if a mistake means death in a world we do not understand at all? That is answered by JESUS , in that the love GOD Has for us/ is so far removed from the realities of this place/ so extreme, that we simply cannot truly understand it. That we are given to believe by JESUS That we are all, indeed children of GOD ourselves/ or more correctly invited to be! Those who believe in GOD / those who correctly accept the love proven by JESUS / and those who are honest and honorable in their attempts to learn and participate in love, will come. If you are true in all three, then you are welcomed into a greater participation because you have studied and learned to be successful in your soul. If not, then you are abandoned/ because you cannot, or will not learn. The honor of a life, is then simply reinforced as your decisions in truth, and the trust applied and accepted in the respect that is sharing and caring for the miracles that we have been granted here on earth.

The beginning of a trust in GOD, Is the understanding that want, does not grant you respect in anything/ thereby want is a deception, and the essence of a temptation to begin the journey into destruction itself. Want is an attack, established by the reality, that you are not happy with your life/ and are attempting to change it: WITHOUT doing any work for life. That does not mean those with wants do not work in time, for possessions, pride, and power/ these are common traits among those who want much. Instead the work of life is to understand the truth of who you are/ clean the reality of who you are not/ and become the essence of a person who was created to be more than simply time. The consequence of these decisions is to expand beyond the descriptions of time, and encounter the experience that is a journey and a destiny. A journey is the expectation of a disciplined learned/ and therefrom experienced as truth. A destiny is the development of something in creation, that your soul identifies with; a reality you seek to become your truth, or a participant in your truth “or theirs”. Therefore happiness illuminates the propagation of honor, and life seeds the hope of family; and love is born in the purity of a life without “time”. What is this life is time/ what is life itself, surrenders the barriers of eternity, and enters as truth. “Eternity is ringed” with the demand there shall be NO lies/ anything less is death or dissipation. That as a consequence to you means: whatsoever is a lie in you/ shall be removed “whether you like it or not”/ this is a price you will pay; and if you complain excessively, you die. Learn to be as truth would make you/ learn to be the essence of your true self, and be happy. This is within us all, but requires the experience of companionship: GOD is present in every life/ therefore you have no excuse.

One of the most fundamental of all things is: want cannot be disciplined/ it must be surrendered. Therefore the illustrations of anoxia: which means to become lost in the want of a different body/ that you might tempt and control those you choose. The end result of disciplining yourself “to death, by starvation/ or going to the plastic surgeon/ etc” is to lose your identity to want. The consequences of over-burdened weight are similar; the difference is those who convince themselves that they must eat/ will be happy if they eat/ will be relieved from the stress of life/ or “it’s the only friend I have”: etc; fundamentally disgrace themselves. NOT because they are less as a human being; they are not! But because like the anoxic, they too are using their bodies and minds to want what food cannot fix. The end result is a body that has been damaged, because you didn’t care enough. The body is a miracle/ your life is a miracle/ your opportunity to inherit eternity is MORE than a miracle it is the gift of an eternity! Consider these precious, and take care of them. Want is the advent of “the liar inside”/ want is then a participation in the creation of what is intended to destroy you. Want conceives of what you do not have/ what life says to you today, is not possible to have/ and turns these realities into a game to be played; people to be manipulated and controlled, so that you may steal what they have for yourself. The foundation of want is simply: “I believe if I was god/ then surely, I would have these things for myself. The second part is, IF I can take these things for myself/ then surely I am a god”. The critical reality is then, why are things so important, that you would disrespect the life or resources around you/ and turn them into possessions? The answer is: an acceptance of the intent to use discipline, to become “a god in your own mind”. Discipline is the essence of order/ and step by step, instead of learning to be true, those who want turn to use their education such as it is/ to become a ruler, and attack the others for their own want; this is the beginning of failure as a life/ the reality of consequences that will become the abandonment of you. None are gods/ to want, is the evidence that you desire to remove GOD from your life, and replace HIM with your own decisions. A truth that could not be more destructive to your soul.

Want is an enemy! It destroys friendships, life, and resources: because it is the decision “you are more important than truth”. Want is the beginning of “I don’t care”/ the first step in the order that becomes pride/ which is the first step in the order that becomes hate/ which is the first step in the reality called violence, & the consequence of being destroyed. There is much anger over the assumption that “GOD should remove all that is evil in this world/ and give us peace all the time: if anyone gets violent/ lightning should strike him or her, and so on”: isn’t that so? But the reality is; these are lessons to you/ these are the evidence of your reality and truth. The death of a human being is not “fundamentally wrong”/ eternity comes for us all, and these moments will then mean nothing. Instead, the consequence of “removing all that is evil”/ asks the question: who would survive, if judged by GOD today? The answer is, YOU may not, because measured means convicted by eternity if even a tiny lie is found. We need mercy/ or we die. We need compassion or we fail. Therefore learn the first lesson; that instead of measuring each other, and judging each other/ BE EQUAL! And help each other! Instead of looking at the world as if you can play god/ or wish you could: learn the relationships that bring evil, and conquer them in yourself, by “cleaning out the trash in your own life”/ and then helping others with theirs. YOU rush after wealth/ because you want to play god, and prove to the others “Look at me/ I am more special than you”. Even worship me, I am like a god to you/ I have money to change your life. These things are failures, these things present pride/ and pride leads only to hate and violence over time. Therefore it is judging you/ and you are dying from pride. The foundation of violence is: you didn’t worship me/ you measured me, and found me lacking; therefore I hate you. Extrapolated from this definition of disability is the understanding; you played god over me/ now I will play god over you. The critical question of reality is then: stop judging each other/ stop measuring each other/ stop wanting to be god; and find your life, that you too may inherit eternity. Eternity is nothing that you imagine/ it is MUCH MORE EVERYTHING WONDERFUL AND TRUE.

Of the simple things in life, the massive problems you are experiencing with divorce and dating are fundamentally a product of want, pride, and the inevitable power that results. Instead of a husband of wife/ “you buy” a slave, expecting them to do whatever you want them to do. The end result is they refuse/ power, or the desire to make them do it results; and then you lose all respect for each other, and turn to war/ abandonment/ or just plain I don’t want you anymore. Stop it! Of the simple things in life regarding companionship is the reality of discipline; those who are disciplined will find fault with those who are not. Those who are less disciplined buy more free, will find fault with those who are not. Those who are not disciplined will find fault with those who are. THEREFORE one of the first ingredients of a long term relationship is are you compatible with the reality of their choices? The answer becomes the relationship you will share/ but even so, if want enters as a dictator of “what you must do for me”/ the slavery or power begins. Want is never-ending/ unless it is surrendered. Therefore understand, no matter how much you try to comply/ it will never be enough, until you are dead; and even then the other will complain you didn’t do enough. Let love decide: the honesty of a happiness that knows no boundary for you, the reality of a special experience that knows only you within the moments of a cherished time. Each will then complain: I AM lonely/ I NEED someone here/ and so you “take who you can get”. The question is not perfection/ the question of love is: do you desire life with me? If the answer is not honorably yes I do/ then it is not love. There is nothing of body or mind here; it is a simple question of “me and you”. But every relationship is tested in time with the reality of decisions that will become your life/ every decision faced with the consequences of that action or reaction, and what it will mean to you both; therefore life is an active partnership in time. A possibility created by the decisions of both; choose together/ but be free. If one desires the freedom to choose something you do not/ then support them if that is possible in truth / and let them spend their life in search of their own identity. Each gets one chance/ why should you alter their choice; are you god? As to sex/ love will decide. As to possessions, let each one earn his or her own/ but be honest with each other, and not selfish or powerful. As to children, today this is a decision you will make for yourselves/ therefore you owe the child, for you chose to accomplish the act, to ask of nature to bring the child forth to your arms, to your life. If you or your life is not ready/ that is your fault. If you or your life is not prepared as to this world, and there is no money or space or time/ that is your fault. If you say to yourself, “I will use the child to escape my loneliness/ yet it does not”: that is your fault. If you refuse to share with your child a life worth living for them/ that too is your fault: because it was your decision. Therefore be wise, and understand BEFORE you make a “100 year decision, for the lives on this earth”/ for a life you do not own, nor did you create. Like a farmer who plants a seed/ so are you. You do not “make a child”/ you are merely “ground and seed”: but the decision to plant is yours, therefore what you reap is dependent upon how you weed this garden you have created for yourselves. But what you do to any life on this earth/ is subject to the reality: YOU can be judged/ if YOU have no mercy in your soul, YOU will receive none for yourself. Do not use or abuse each other/ do not use or abuse any child. Do not be wanting; instead pray. UNLIKE the common prayer of “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ damn it”. Turn from asking to be judged [you will be condemned] to the understanding that prayer is your request for a relationship with your GOD , for real/ not a game. BE HONORABLE/ BE RESPECTFUL/ and cherish the moments you are allowed to spend: With Our GOD CREATOR OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE; Are you not special, who is not special that can ask and receive such a gift? You are indeed special, and worthy of being loved, if you are true.

Common to this life are those who “never get it quite right/ something always goes wrong for us”. While this is a combination of many things/ the primary composition of reality is a failure to understand the things you do, are not subject to your will. Will power as its called, or the ability to make this happen for yourself; is simply the re-focus of a life, from the existence of time/ to the existence of self; thereby it becomes a removal of all that is life/ to become a reality of all that is you. It is not, a good thing/ because life is more than you; life is a universe/ life is this world in time/ life is the miracles that surround you/ life is the opportunity for you to join these things not remove them from your conscious existence/ and turn inward to selfishness, as if you were all that mattered. Stop it. Instead understand the world you live in, the life you have and believe in the essence of life itself. Stop looking for perfection/ it is a blind and disgusting reality of self-indulgence, and foundation for building hate. The critical relationship we share with this life is the acceptance that we are not GOD/ we are humanity, and we NEED GOD. Once you have entered within this belief/ life becomes precious, and reality becomes the existence of our shared experience with the SPIRIT OF GOD. Here then, each consequence of every reality is blended with the honesty; no matter what goes wrong/ I believe in the knowledge that GOD loves me. And eternity proves, time does not matter.

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