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Simple truths, and fundamental foundations
The question of life, is not about beauty or “ugly”/ these do not define life; but merely understand the benefits of a life, bound by the definitions of what we do, with what we are given. Beauty is a definition of happiness, assigned by the freedom with which we are able to live a life of our own choosing, blessed by the miracles of which we have found in our own Creation, a life born alive. It is ugly, that learns instead of life, that the reality of time can be deceiving and violent, at the risk of death/ simply because people do not care/ will not share/ and perform in selfishness, their own desires for hate. The reality of simplicity, wherein intellectually, the human being surrenders life, to play games: is the foundation for all human misery. Because in these games, life is traded for things, for goals, for greed, and for lust; and thereby becomes a value less about life/ than it is about trophies, and whore’s, and failure.

Irregardless of all these things, I have found myself “pleading with you”/ by translating a little too much information. That done, I am unhappy with the possibilities this represents in me, and am resolved to quit instructing you with knowledge. It is your turn now! I will continue with the court, as is reasonable and necessary/ but other information on a more technical scale of interest is over. More knowledge will not help you to achieve courage, strength, or honor; somehow you must find these for yourself. They are hidden within the disciplines that understand, death will come/ eternity will follow; and thereby time is of little interest or concern. Women are the answer, for your future/ but they must find in themselves the duty, the honor, the strength, and the love required to fight for life; if not, they fail/ and let the earth die with them. Today, the information is complete to achieve all that is necessary for you, whether I am alive or not/ look in the appeals 7/13/07 and the state trials 7/20/07 in www.justtalking.info . for a comprehension as to trial development/ at filed in the United States Supreme court, for a basic understanding of purpose and desire. These are for you/ But you must find your own courage, duty, and respect for life, to pursue them further, as WE THE PEOPLE. The life you live or hope to live as well, is dependent upon your decisions in these matters.. You are “WE THE PEOPLE” , and you do control the nation together. I cannot give you that, you have to accept it / nor will I lead you; humanity must change/ and only humanity itself can win this fight to survive. These are all personal decisions for life, instead of selfishness or power or pride. Your personal choice is required/ not mine. So good luck to you, I wish you well. I am not your hero/ or your villain; do not let anyone tell you different; you decide.

In parting, I will offer you a little advice: in Iraq today, the leaders leaving for a “vacation”/ clearly are saying to you: our work is done/ we are finished, and if asked clearly they literally do want the American’s to leave now. The reason is: they have divided up the nation into a mafia organization/ each one gaining control over a small section of the people “like little kings/ they were taught by Hussein, and envied him”. Now you have given them a chance to be him/ and surely they will try. In all probability, the “new leadership” is constructing some of the attacks against Americans; OR more clearly, they are removing some of the competition or voices they don’t like, prior to the Americans leaving: “less problematic” that way. Each of these things are said, because those who construct a government of honesty and truth: WORK to create a justice system and the laws that will instruct and defend the society first; it is the primary job of creating a peaceful society/ and it is not a hidden truth; they know this is true. News reports however, carry nothing of this being done; perhaps it is somewhat/ let them prove it true. If they do not work for the law, and for peace/ then all that is truly left is “mafia/ and how much can we steal, and control”.

Back away from the fight/ but retain position in a neutral zone, and let whoever wants peace come to you. Let them work on the laws, that will govern the nation: ALL are welcome to this work/ ALL will be heard in a public format; whereby the reality of how shall we live in peace is heard and will be dealt with by these people. When they have finished the law/ and it stands up to criticism and the punishment of those who will fight for greed and power: only then do you have a government . It is the law/ and the enforcement of the law, that makes a society. The peace of that society is determined by the honor, respect, dignity, and honesty of those laws; AND the ability to keep corruption from changing their composition and clarity. Nothing else will work/ nothing else will do, strictly the law, and its equality for the people. There will be immediate fighting, as the soldiers pull back (therefore give all who desire a chance to be protected time to find a way to come): Because there will be those who are blatantly violently attack for control, “to be king”/ BUT in the end of this few weeks, they will mostly be dead/ and is that not a good thing! What is left can be identified, if you do the work! Instruct the people, and clarify with certainty: IF YOU want peace/ then you will identify the traitors who only want war, and the violence of enslaving you. You will find the murderers guilty/ and subject them to the law, or mercy as society defines. When it is time/ through a courtroom of basic reality whereby names and pictures are collected, and the people themselves vote: YES, this one is a traitor to our peace. Only then, is intervention wise. Only then when the people themselves become informants, and clearly help you remove their own traitors, do you go back to collect the “human waste &debris”. If you will not do that/ then simply leave, why die for nothing; it is absurd. The foundation for real change in Iraq, as is true of the whole world; is women/ because the men come ready with expectations that are hammered in from the time they are young. It takes courage for both genders to change/ only time will tell if cowardice reigns over the world.

The blessing in life, is life. The beauty of life is everywhere, in a billion patterns of color and time, a message of life that GOD has produced in everything of life. Share it with your mind/ appreciate it with your soul; and be honest with yourself (try it, you might like truth for a change). The basis of your recognition of all things is “the mind/ sight/ hearing/ touch/ taste/ movement/ smell/ body/ and soul”: are these little things? What is a movie without sound/ is it not so much less; or with sound but no sight/ is that not also a huge loss to you? I tell you true, that living without hearing is like seeing out of a black box through a window, the rest of the world simply doesn’t exist. Close your eyes honestly, and you will know what is life without sight. What would sexuality be without touch? A reality without the honor of knowing this is another person, who gives me “the right/ and the blessing to be near”. What is food without taste? Would you not die instead, simply because you did not know better. Look, and find the truth in you first. Remember reality and assign it to the truth that is your life, including sexual experience, and the honor of having your own children? What good thing do you not OWE your CREATOR for? As to the bad things of human life, are they not entirely your own fault/ by either choice, or the consequence of actions and their unexpected reactions, and more. As to truth, it is the reality, energy, and life that form the laws of Creation. These things are not rules, they are not rights, they are law; & the law is vital to existence, a foundation upon which is built the freedoms of a decision that becomes the essence called life itself. You cannot reform the law of life/ you can only turn away from it in rebellion; and as a consequence die because of your decision. Just how it is. As is true of today, the evidence of time says: you are destroying the base elements that give us life in time. Contrary to the assumptions of those who believe the earth heating up a “degree or two” is not a big matter/ you are reminded 1 btu of heat rise, over every square foot of surface area (for simple math) is a tremendous amount of heat added to the earth. You are reminded, that heat rises, and that means for a 1 degree rise at the surface/ a tremendous amount of heat gain is in evidence in the atmosphere itself, multiplying that heat gain on earth by an estimated 4 times over the entire atmosphere. It is not simply green house gases/ the problem stems directly from the fires you create. A thousand problems, from which we cannot run or hide; Consuming more than can be replaced/ polluting/ disgracing/ mutilating/ disrespecting everything, etc/ etc/ etc/ etc. And from your own mouths what is heard is a constant “I, I, I, I, I, ......; to prove you WANT more”. Either you will surrender the constant want for consumption and pride/ power: or you will die, it is just that simple. Reality proves to me, IT IS YOUR TURN NOW! Not only have I done enough/ not only have I prepared the possibilities required should I die, that you may indeed and with reality proceed to a place of safety for yourselves; But I have also babied you with tiny portions so you would quit running away; so you could begin outside of fear; so you could understand simple and slow. The quest for survival begins in you/ the demand for change is now up to you; I have ended this quest to educate you: because if you haven’t accepted enough to investigate by yourselves and do what is necessary to be done; even if it costs you all that you stole/ even if you have to admit to your lies and repent to the people whose lives you tried to butcher/ even if you will hate the reality. The fact is: either you will choose honesty and honor and respect for all life/ or your worst fears of today, will be “fond memories of tomorrow; where every prayer will be: just let me be as terrified today as I was just last year; please”. But there will be no mercy; either you will live, or you will die/ by the decisions and the work that you shall do. Simple as that. You are killing the earth/ and are so many, that is will soon be completely unstoppable: that is the difference between today/ and yesterday. The reality is, you are consuming every environment and resources that can be found, and have used up most; that is the difference between today and yesterday. You have gambled with life on earth/ with your weapons of mass destruction, and your thirst for power; and today, these can easily exterminate you in just a few minutes; And they will, if you don’t remove them all. That is the difference between today, and yesterday. And so on. If you don’t work with honor/ you will fight with dishonor; just how it is. If you don’t truly change/ you will return as a dog to its vomit, and the reprieve will be over before it even truly begins. There are many men who believe they want to be “great warriors”/ but reality says, to achieve being a great warrior/ you must kill people repeatedly. Ask then carefully: do you really want to kill “so many”? Why? And if you kill many/ will there not be retribution/ will there not be revenge; wouldn’t you? The price to be a “great warrior is very high”/ the risk of reality, that asks are you not a murderer instead, is also high; think again, and work for peace. If you truly desire to be a great warrior/ then work for life on earth; humanity has never faced a greater danger/ never before recognized a more powerful foe! Work to give life, its opportunity to survive/ or recognize that you are indeed a coward instead; because truth and duty do call to you! Thereby understand as well, only women can lead/ because men are men/ and they won’t change, history proves it. War, after war, after war cannot be wrong. Either grow up/ wake up, or you will die, and take life on earth with you. In america, the elder generation has become “like a clown from hell”/ stealing from the young, destroying their world, and cursing them to hell: and nearly all say “I will die first before this all crashes on the young; THEREFORE I DON’T CARE”. Or in other words, “Like a clown from hell/ you intend to come from the grave to ridicule, laugh, jeer, and condemn all those children who trusted you with their lives”. {my apologies to all honest and real clowns/ to those who bring happiness}. I have news, for those who decide “won’t happen to me”: Hades will never let you go, not even for a second, because you made a choice/ and intend to destroy GODS’ CREATION, Or did nothing to stop it. Truth will ask when you die/ lie, and you will be rejected; tell the truth, that you just didn’t care enough to help life survive on earth/ and you will receive what you deserve. Repent now, and seek mercy while you can; why spend eternity in absolute disgrace and torment? Why! Not doing something is a decision too. Apathy and disrespect are a decision. “I,I,I,I,.... are realities of your own truth; look inside yourself, and see your reality. Why wait for hell to consume you. Find truth, and survive. You have built a world, based upon the consumption of resources, and how efficiently you can control the people into discarding these resources into the trash. You will rebuild this world into a conservation of resources, and the discovery of how long can we make them last; because that is now life or death for the planet, and all its members. You have built a world based upon the competition of men/ and how aggressive they can be “king of the hill/ by violence or other means, is still king of the hill”. You will not remove the competition, because it kills friendship/ and you will destroy the aggressions, because they alter and destroy peace and justice in society; or you will die. You cannot afford any more wars/ the resources lost, are literally lives and their time and their opportunities for life on this earth: you have no right, and must find other ways. It is time for women to try/ hopefully they will do better; it would be impossible to do worse: than those who have sold us to extinction.

As has been indicated in the last state trial entry on the web site www.justtalking.info Every government is not defined by the people employed therein/ they are employees assigned a job; that they swear to uphold within the law. Thereby the law has dominion over them/ they DO NOT have dominion over the law. That is true of the judicial branches as well; they are subject to the law/ not purveyors of the law. Wherever a true and real discussion as to meaning occurs: this is subject to public review and vote. To accomplish this, the law will be simple and fair/ and will contain a “default statement” that decides all meaning to this law/ unless a vote affirmative by 80% of the people would have it changed. Therein the interpretation is accomplished / by the people/ not by the judge. Those who do not “do their job”/ are subject to the oath, the law, and the criminal paths to jail, such as the public provides. WE are the government/ because we are everything: WE are the military/ WE are the police/ WE ARE THE WORKFORCE/ and we are the driving influence of government, which means it will change, if we so desire it to be. That is the foundation of every society/ not just democracy; but every nation. The difference between those who rule/ and those who are enslaved is greed. Without greed, there is no power over people/ beyond what is criminal. Thereby greed controls the government/ and greed controls the people/ because the people want greed for themselves. That is the only reason it is tolerated; because the people want that power, arrogance, and selfishness for themselves! Remove the ability to achieve true greed as is clearly america today/ and peace becomes the “nature of society”/ and life becomes “friendly”. America “seems somewhat friendly” still today/ because the reality of lies/ stealing/ and cheating; the accomplices of greed, have not yet completed their work/ but they will, and then all acceptance of each other will end as life struggles to survive. It is an example of stupidity and fear/ a society resigned to death by catastrophic means: “Because we have no way to stop it”! But that is a lie/ like so very many others; supported and held in place by the propaganda machines of greed and power and selfishness. WE ARE WE THE PEOPLE, We are the power and the might of this nation/ and only fear controls you. The composition of failure then is: “We Don’t know how to act/ in our own defense”? The answer is: The law/ the oath/ and the constitution declare specific behaviors from the employees of this nation: and the law, “will take care of the problems you face”. USE IT! We are the police/ we are the military/ we are the work/ we are the people who control the resources: it is ours, and what is real and true for society as a need that cannot be abandoned, because it is our survival: CANNOT then be simply turned over to the greedy or the powerful or the selfish. We are the nation/ and it is our right to understand what is necessary to protect ourselves/ and then with dignity, equality, and the precision of law take what is ours, and share it with truth and reality and the future. These are choices, for society/ not for men or women or children/ but choices for society, and even the world. You must not be simple in your understanding of truth: while it is true, the lack of food or water will bring war/ as a method of survival; it is also true when a surplus is evident and real for an extended period of time, then men will become aggressive in their search for power, and thirst for selfishness: thereby leading to civil war “I hate you”. Population control is insurmountable; either humanity accepts its simple truth “no more”/ or you die, it is that simple. The foundation of society as built by men is simple: war changes things, for a while. Greed controls people/ and grants power and selfishness to whoever takes and controls the resources required. Women are a weapon, to be used against the other men; because sexuality can be used. And the most efficient weapon/ will be the one Who controls!

A new society means new rules [a reality assigned by the simple fact, you depend upon rules/ and few can function without them]; the first rule is, no more using women as a weapon by men, to emasculate/ or tempt/ or enslave/ or be a trophy you cannot have, to flaunt in front of the others. Instead women will find sex as a tool over men/ wherever it is truly necessary; LEARNING must occur first! Women will find love and sexuality will be their gift to men. A new society means we all, control the resources/ BUT NOT as communist or socialist expectations of power (the experts who decide for the others); instead as a right of survival, the opportunity to protect from harm, all those things we need to have must become our right. Protected by the law/ and its understanding among the people. Personal ownership is granted, but in limited opportunities for power or pride or selfishness; take care of the resource, and you will be rewarded; fail to take care of the resources for the people, and you will be turned away. In addition to this is the understanding of those who believe “they know best”/ it is a lie. Instead the law will be clear/ the reality of breaking that law will be decided by the public in a knowledgeable vote/ and the differences will be held as a political debate controlled by constitutional guidelines which will not be altered. The excuses for war are: at least we take back our control/ and rid ourselves of “these kings” for a while; ain’t going to listen no more. The consequence of a new society is: YOU MUST learn to listen, and respond honestly and with honor/ therein the primary purpose for war, which is we cannot both occupy this space/ this continent/ or this world becomes muted. And each side must retreat, because they will not be heard, until thirst or starvation give them the opportunity. Therefore what is food, is highly important/ what is water is gravely important/ what is true and real population control is without question/ and how these things are regulated is equally important. In other words, no more polluting the water, or consuming it for worthless pursuits; period, no excuses/ no job/ no nothing but reality and the value of water for life. In other words, the food of today must be taken very seriously, and held in respect as the value that creates our opportunity for life. As to crop production, it is necessary that chemicals and fertilizers be controlled as a means to regulate the price given to farmers. These control the current output of the farm/ and do provide an excellent means to regulate price. Consequent to this truth is the reality that you will soon run out of fertilizers, and must conserve. The ocean is NOT “for free anymore”/ the massive ships which have done so much harm in every conceivable way either by over-fishing or simply pollution by wreck or failure cannot continue. The ocean NEEDS A REST/ to recover, before it fails: thereby crops should take over for a time/ the end of cotton and other crops for simple Things such as clothes (you have plenty) turned to food production to give the ocean its rest. While every damaged reef/ every tragic mistake by men can be repaired as best you can. This is your new work, to repair all the damages YOU, and those who came before you, have caused. Instead of trawler fishing/ you will farm fish in the outer ocean/ instead of incessant dumping of fertilizers into the rivers; you will fine the drainage districts according to their dumping, and collect whatever is necessary to repair and recover the areas they have destroyed with their greed and disrespect. Instead of men who aggressively take selfishness to new levels of despair for the rest of society/ you will “tamp them down” into the truth, that we are too many people for any other way; you must accept sharing and caring, or be conceived of as a criminal. War is an element of men/ to eliminate their mistakes, by eliminating their competition. Today war is the consumption of necessary resources and the reality is we cannot afford any more wars; it is death to our futures, and our world; war is for fools and failures and the bastard’s of a disease that has infected this world long enough. There are many things, including “no more secret meetings”/ no more behind closed door negotiations/ no more leaders, instead a reality of people dedicated to the truth, and learning of reality, as a means to justice and the protection of life {no one is perfect/ no knowledge is pure, and it never will be: therefore the search is important, and the reality of trusting people to do the right things for justice, a necessary reality of life in society, granted by the evidence of those who do their best, and change when it is proven to be necessary}/ etc. Simple and plain! A secondary but critical reality in developing a new society is, the introduction of “hate management”/ using hate itself, as an indicator for coming violence and subversion and selfishness. It will be confronted with “I am free to do this”/ but will be reprimanded with: you are free to do with your life, as you wish/ BUT the influence you may have to do real harm to the others, is up to the others. It is not a complex issue/ and the most literal example of this is simply nakedness: although unpleasant for the others, it is a basic right to those who will claim it/ HOWEVER if you use that nakedness to prove hate and disrespect for others, then it becomes a weapon; and a weapon used specifically against the rest, does come under the law. Nakedness is not a subject of discussion/ we are all naked, its just a body. Rather society implemented clothes in warm weather as a defense mechanism, to “make predation more complicated for the attacker”. The consequence being, all of society was changed because of these. All of the related issues of hate, and even nakedness are subject to wide interpretation/ and fundamental social debates; but the reality that will remain is: if you can no longer consume from nature anything you can get your hands on/ then there will be a need to fill, in simple behaviors that explore the outer boundaries of safety in society; because people like to be excited/ and there are limits to how this is accomplished. Or more simply; the reality of many new and basic methods of achieving a different reality for society, must be explored. The freedoms of responsibility explored with the reality of who has hate inside their hearts, and what shall we do about it. Hate shall not rule/ nor shall it become hidden anymore, if you hate/ you will be confronted “and cured/ or removed from society”. Freedom is nothing, unless the values and the realities of being truly as free as possible are allowed. We must learn to communicate in other ways/ seek relationships and dating in other ways; and much more. It WILL require your experimentation, and your passions, and your tolerance, until the methods most suitable for friendship and life are truly found for living. It is clear and certain religion will despise these ideas, they are not rules; and assert it is not “what god intended”/ but they are wrong; clothes are neither right or wrong/ they are just clothes. The righteous will hate the idea of freedom as well/ they too want rules. Hate is the predecessor of all male developments in society/ hate is responsible for war after war after war: BECAUSE there are always a few, who will attack the others, and demand obedience, or be penalized and attacked yourself. Therefore they group, and with a group there comes a day of decision when the majority will simply say: “Lets do something or we must do something: even if its wrong”. The procession is: want first/ then pride/ then selfishness/ then hate, and then violence and all that comes with it, including fears. The foundation of change demands a critical look, and an ever present knowledge of reality/ a basis in truth that says; LIFE FIRST/ and that will not mean “personal lives/ but the life of the planet is first”. Take it or leave it/ but truth agrees, these things are necessary for survival. It is necessary to understand the word soldier/ it is necessary, to believe the value of life is worth fighting for. It is necessary to define our reality, by its truth, and respond accordingly; even if the others will not. Do your best; why die eternally, just because the others fail? Why, it is stupid/ and a disgrace, to you.

For simple truths; the use of the word “hero”/ is a blatant cry for superiority; “I am more than you”/ and it is not true. The facts are; for instance “being a police officer, or fireman” is not a high risk job in most area’s. The fact is, There are NO “sports heros”/ their job is to create conversation for you, their purpose in life is simply to make a game responsible for your own failures or success. These are simply a job/ and from the response at clear scenarios of importance to life: any and all “murderer on the scene responses/ or even simple fair play and respect for each other”/ nothing makes them a hero. That is not to say, there is no honor in this job/ clearly there is, but these are positions filled by “common men and women/ just like you and me”. The people who go to war are different, they go because of comradeship and thereby duty; the reality of hero, does distinctly apply, because everyday is a life or death struggle/ for what will benefit you, not at all. Thereby your life is on the line, and your reality fundamentally on display; those who stay because of duty, are those who have dealt with the honesty of death, rather than hiding away. The people who were engaged in Vietnam as a war/ do fall into that category too, because life or death is not a small matter/ and their “country” sent them. You want to be a hero? Too bad/ because hero only is reflected when life can easily be lost; and you know it, and you stay and do your duty. You want to be a soldier, one working for those who are hero’s, for those who need protecting and there is no one else: then work for the planet/ work for the children and their future/ work for your own life/ and work to keep us out of hell and Armageddon: and then you will be a hero/ whether anyone agrees or not. This is a war against pride and consumption/ a battleground against those who will not accept truth as their guide, but define fantasy as their own purpose and truth. It will end in death for the planet, and for you/ if truth does not begin to lead today. There is no other choice. The american reality is simply YOU DO have runaway inflation; the government employees simply lie! They get away with it, because they control the price of food/ and they control the price of oil as best they can/ and they control the price of interest, and have agreements with all lenders to “play the game”. Therein with fundamental living expenses under control the numbers of debt can be ignored. Even 2 or 3 years ago however/ according to the federal reserves own government site; every single american worker was in debt one and a half million dollars/ and you have borrowed much more today. Do you not remember the national news media reporting an 8.2 trillion dollar new debt in just the first 4 fiscal months of 2005-2006/ a reality in debt increase of $164,000.00 dollars per each of 50 million workers/ and you have borrowed much more than that. Is this not inflation? No, not by liar standards; because it did not raise the base price of goods and services; because NO ONE intends to pay/ “its for the children, let them pay [ever wonder where the terms “ghoul and goblin” come from? They are the secrets of the adults/ because they know, how much damage these secrets will do, to their young; so they play games, and pretend to tell]. Your numbers not mine! You shall not defeat these ridiculous numbers/ you must take them to court, and redefine your reality; and the concurrent realities of all who declare themselves “to be rich”. They are not, worthless numbers/ are worthless numbers, and not money. The reality is because the debt has now grown so large/ and oil and food are becoming out of control/ and the pitiful lending practices are failing; the game is over. The news reported a million home foreclosures in the first 7 months of this year/ do check it out, to be sure; I have not. Inquire as to bankruptcy as well, as these are different; are realize time is limited. The liars will not save you/ they are simply preparing to “pick you clean”/ that is “the lenders reward”. To achieve the scurrilous lies/ thereby avoiding for a time, the reality and truth of money: the employees of government, on advice from the university and lenders; have employed the simple defense; “The debt doesn’t matter”/ thereby even new debt can be put into this “bin of ghosts”; and sanctioned to be “The children benefit/ let them pay/ what good would a depression do them; aren’t they better off this way”. Liars and thieves all around; or this would not be. The statement is true, a depression will hurt the children/ but only because avoidance has made it so bad. The reality of a failed depression until the resources are all gone/ and the country has been sold for nothing but a little time to avoid the truth and continue in the lies: MEANS, the children have been sold into slavery and civil war, with massive bloodshed will be far worse. Instead of the adults taking responsibility for themselves/ they have chosen to become assassins to the young. This is your decision/ and this will be its result, because reality knows the expectation of wealth/ and its subsequent failure will bring violence. Reality knows as well, that resource loss, is the end of life on earth/ and the beginnings of war and insanity for forever: the end of life on earth. Reality knows that environment and nature are everything that is precious to our survival/ there is nothing else, but love or hate. And the predation of human upon human is a tragedy beyond compare. The “middle-class” has been under attack for the last 30 or more years/ because the cowards out of the university all said “we are going to die/ GIVE ME EVERYTHING NOW”! Consequently everything they have led the nation in doing, for the last 30 plus years, has led to the edge of an abyss of destruction and extermination for this earth and all its life, wherein we stand today. The attack of these predators has been primarily upon the weak and weakened/ through the use of traps. The attack of these predators have convinced the “middle-class” that their children must join the university/ therein shoving their children into the next trap, a reality of debt that cannot be dealt with. Are they alone/ NO they are not, every group that could has said “me too”: particularly the old, who have grievously taken all they could get/ pretending “the children won’t pay for this”. Consequent to this, your reality is: medicare is over. This is NOT subjecting the elderly to anything but their own truth: it is YOU that created 100 trillion dollars of debt and promises to pay: simply go ahead and pay your debts, and medicare will return to you. BUT YOU CANNOT, therefore you will give back the future and the lives of your children that YOU CHOSE TO STEAL/ you will stop the slavery of every child, that you have demanded! Should a thief not give back what they have stolen/ justice demands it! Consequent to this, justice says: as you have chosen for yourselves/ it shall be chosen for you, “do you not throw the old away, plenty more/ did you not create a society consuming everything, by throwing that which is “slightly used or abused or maligned into the trash”/ do you not believe the old is worthless, GIVE ME NEW”; did you not say to nature, who cares about the future or the young, mutilate everything you can “just save my life, a few minutes more”; and so on. The “I’s” are over, the future/ the nation/ and the world will rule. Did you not say in your heart, let the children dig in the garbage dumps to survive/ it is their “gold mine” of the future; who the hell cares. Why should this not be applied to you? Explain it/ in a world faced soon with the potential of terrible shortages. The day of deceit is over/ where a decision between young and old must be made; as is true of today: IT IS THE OLD, that lose! You have had your days/ no more assassinating the young for nothing; eternity matters, believe it is true/ it is a law. Such is america today/ so very many liars, thieves, and murderers: none willing to accept the truth: that we must deal with our reality as it exists, and defend our lives with honesty and honor/ finding respect for each one; or we die. Instead the mob says: LIE/ LIE /& LIE, so you can get on with the stealing, the corruption, and the failure of life on earth. This is your legacy. Separated pension plans are over/ no more, not government either(see how they steal from you, the public social security has been robbed clean to the bare walls; but until 2006 government pensions were completely funded), not private pensions either (see how the corporations steal/ to rid themselves of it, they declare bankruptcy, sell, move outside the USA, or just plain steal the money), none of it; all will have the same/ all will receive the same if there is enough: and there is not, today. Instead, those who have made $30,000 dollars a year or so; will receive the entire payment/ those who took a salary of more will receive a descending scale up to $80,000 dollars (these get 10 %). Those who took a greater salary, get nothing. As you would tell the other welfare recipients, you had or have everything you needed/ GET A JOB. As you have said to them, no job, too bad. Those who made less than $30,000 and cannot afford themselves, will go to “cabrini green” style housing; all elderly/ no young, take care of it yourselves, or face your reality. The purpose here is not to abuse you/ the purpose here is to give the children back the lives you stole. No more medical insurance provided by an employer or government (see how the medical industry steals from you)/ because no one makes them adhere to honorable anything; it is merely a fight for the money! You will all have “just a salary, provided by your employer/ and nothing more, as demanded by law: they ain’t your baby sitter. Any employer who has over 5 employees shall not have anyone classified as a part-time employee/ ALL will be full time employees, and entitled to 4 weeks of paid vacation. All get the same vacation time, per year across the nation. The purpose here is not to control you, but demand you accept the price of life/ and not keep going back “to your mothers tit”. The university is necessary and useful, if controlled/ a deadly menace, and a powerful predator if it is not. Like the reality of water loss from lake superior/ simple solutions such as widening and deepening the canal around niagra falls a few years ago/ became a 15 trillion gallon loss in lake superior/ and it continues: “Just opening the drain line a little bigger/ what could go wrong”. In its most simple terms; the leaders of the medical societies completely refuse to educate new doctors beyond their preset limits for schooling: Even though the population has risen dramatically; THE REASON, is price control, and power. Simple as that! Instead they steal doctors who want to be rich, from the other countries, leaving them with very few. If they refuse to cooperate/ take the leadership to jail; how many million do you think, were shoved into bankruptcy by these/ how many lives simply abandoned because they could/ how many lives in foreign countries lost because of greed? Those who choose only for the money/ are worthless to society. A life is not about money/ but society is; and you will decide “how much you will pay, per life: if you cannot afford it/ you shall not pretend”. Things like insulin for diabetes shall be paid for by society, it is well worth the investment in their lives. Things like medicine or food for the elderly/ shall be their own test, I suggest you choose food. The test of life is for you to decide. The test of society is then included in: What shall be done with the university, and with healthcare? What is the right of a person with specialized instructions or values? The answer is: equity and dignity and life among society as an equal/ a pay rate that is honest and true to the situation of employment and needs of society: a rate of graduation in every field that compliments the need, and exceeds it by realistic amounts: so that every field, and every need is balanced and none sit in authority over the others: equal/ but not “in charge of the situation”. Each and every business that needs a specific diploma; pays for the diploma. These are positions for society/ in the quest for equality and justice. That is what society must earn for itself. To do that, as is true of any “calamity or trial by nature” it is NOT a few diplomas that will decide everything; as is plainly evident by the failures of fema and other government employees/ the failures of money and government and ecology and environment and the threats of the military (wom’s) against its own people: THERE ARE NO experts! Are not these the same people basically, mutilating nature by genetic structure crucifixion? They are indeed. Instead of experts, where there is work to do/ and those who do the work, that is required, shall be paid as dictated by the rules that will be set into place. In other words: there is NO authority/ instead those who do the work, get paid for the work. There is NO pay clerk, or boss instead those who are proven to have accomplished the task with honesty and honor, will be paid. The question of authority is regulated by the rules themselves, they will not act as law/ but will be lenient to the lives of those who work, and honestly help. The realities of healthcare must also be dealt with; realistic help is apparent and provided at www.trialforlife.info A trial already provided as an example of what must be done. An evidence already created as to the failures of your own judicial branch, the power laden reality of the medical corporations, and the employees who fail every test of courage or respect for “We the people”. They simply don’t like you/ they choose power and pride and worthless numbers ; they choose control, because it is what they know and want. The same is true of you! But our reality as humanity itself on this earth is: either change in you comes/ or you die: because our relationship with this earth is changing quickly. We now rule nature/ nature can no longer simply take care of us. Think clearly and honestly before you decide; HELL ON EARTH, by your own hands; is beyond anything you can imagine. This is not a game/ but when you learn inside heart, mind, or soul that this is true, reality begins; either as truth of change, an end to the lying/ or truth comes, of HELL. That is your decision/ and there are no second guesses/ no mercy to be had, if you fail this test of life itself. YOU are on trial as a humanity, and YOU will judge yourselves! More specifically, it is women who are on trial/ because men have been found lacking, and are rejected as leaders; thereby women must lead, or life dies. If you refuse change/ then you refuse life. If you refuse to RESPECT GOD/ then you must be god yourselves, and that is the HELL you will enter! GOD WILL leave/ and everything HE DOES FOR YOU, will end. Beyond anything you can imagine, terror will begin/ torment will follow/ and horrific experience with no chance to die will be death by “one atom, at a time”. These are your choices/ YOU, as the male leaders of men, have brought life to this place/ this trial for life/ this reality called a trial of life. Thereby you will lose your place as leaders of this world/ and give it to women, or be lost forever. They may survive/ it is their choice, it is your chance to survive; but if man fails to help them lead, the vast majority of men may not. A harsh reality for both genders. Consider your decision with care!

For simple reduction of excuses; it will do you no good to kill me/ the information now exists, and will not be removed. To plot or plan/ is just to incarcerate yourselves in HADES for an eternity; a punishment you cannot begin to imagine. I warn you not to do so/ but if you do, there will be NO mercy not even in an eternity (where there simply is NO escape). To remove the excuses of “he hates the university and all it stands for”/ I offer you the truth instead; do I sound like a person opposed to learning or education? I am not/ instead I am opposed to predation and the sacrifice of others for your personal selfishness and arrogance; the damnation of what your pride does to society itself, so that you can declare yourself “winner”/ and make the others loser, confining them to your disgraceful disrespect and apathy over their Very lives. That has nothing to do with an education/ it is the vagrancy of despots and the subtlety of whore’s. The reality of this work is, at this

moment, in essence; this trial is over, as everything necessary for society to complete its work is described and foundations given. That does not mean I surrender it/ it only means, that the work can no longer be lost to you; you are in charge of the means to complete the actions began with or without me. That is then the end of your excuses, irregardless of my own life/ or participation: YOU have been prepared/ and are ready, even if you don’t like the reality. None can stand against a truth called we the people/ when you stand in the law! If they try, criminal prosecution is next/ simply prove them traitors and apply treason to their lives. Because it is then true. The law is the constitution and its documents called the bill or rights/ and the declaration of Independence. These things are the nation, by the words and declarations that they make/ nothing exists as law, that does not comply to these documents. Learn them, and use them for life. I do not surrender them until completed/ because like all the other trials provided that are an evidence of the reality of judicial corruption in www.trialforlife.info these too, have a purpose and a use, as evidence, and reality; by the truth of their existence and intent. You are to learn from them, each one; what the court is/ what the court should be/ what is justice and the intent of justice/ and why, the public can never be less than involved in the realities of law. A vote for a judge is worthless or less/ unless you are truly informed before you make that vote; learn the lesson, and prepare your world, for equity and life. It is necessary, and wise.

As to me, I am not certain what should come next; beyond what is necessary for court. This work is now done/ because the information necessary, has been delivered; the games the court will play are irrelevant, but no excuses are allowed. They will have to answer the question: for the people/ or for power & pride? After court, I do expect a change in my own life/ if it is not degraded substantially, by the reality of fools. Or dead as the case may be. My own reality continues to change, I have lost something/ not sure what: I am not able to protect myself as before anymore; all that is fundamental to that physical reality as a work, has been given away/ to the spirit of woman inside, if you can hear it, a consequence of that has appeared. I seem now dependent upon being protected, rather like a woman. Just how it is/ but still a hard adjustment to make. Some things can be done. Why you need to know, is also beyond me, it simply seems necessary. These are all now descriptions that enter the vault of time, the place that becomes a reference for your future, and mine. The decisions are made/ the reality spoken for life to see, and to choose: either in ridicule/ or in the understanding that change must come & decisions of respect, honor, and honesty must be made. Both descriptions will exist/ the only real question is for women: what will you do? Pretend/ work/ hope/ or simply surrender to the consequence of men? That answer is yours/ and none but you will make it. The reality of “bad teeth, simply a fact of life/ just like the very many poor people who have no choice: I did have a choice/ but choose spirituality (a complex statement of learning, not dependent upon teeth, either good or bad/ but do understand that years of acids associated with beverages made the teeth poor, and as a consequence bad; I just let them get worse, faster, than necessary. But this too, is simply the collateral damage, from someone dumping poisons in the water supply, that I then drank from. It did however create the impetus to investigate the water supply, and many other realities of men and what are they doing. The reality of nearly killing myself with chemicals/ because I accepted the rhetoric “its ok/ just go ahead”; caused a number of other investigations/ and so on. Just as you too must now consider the reality, of all “the leaders” have not told you; because it is going to kill you/ and destroy this world. They largely need not worry about the little things; “don’t they send you to do it”? But everyone needs to worry about the “big things”/ because they represent “NO way out/ done, & dead.” Instead of anything based upon teeth the issues regarding my own teeth, is about a relationship that has been built upon trust, over many decades. If you would experience the same, trust is a relationship that must be formed upon a foundation of desire for love/ and the purpose of a life found only in GOD. This question is for me, and not for you/ do not assume, it is a sacrifice, and will turn out badly for you. As for me, I do not assume/ but simply wait for life to bring whatever will be. It is my way/ whether the lesson is for me, or for you. As to the issues of “Woman in me”/ there simply is no other way to explain it; make your own decision. But do understand, I fully realize having made these statements, and ending the flow of knowledge; means, that I must live the reality they will dictate for my life. Thereby understand as well, these were not said without a cost/ not said without a knowledge of how bad it could be: instead they are a part of the message called Revelation 12, from the bible; and necessary for you/ not for me. You will decide. Good prayers to you/ I do wish you well. JESUS IS MY LORD! A statement that lives in me.
I cannot predict what GOD will allow/ but I need not predict my own eternity, it is completed in me. Life will go on, with
Praise HIM, I do.


Destiny is a discipline/ but love is a blessing formed in the beginnings of trust, by soul; the meaning of life, in us. The quest for meaning is then examined by the essence of truth/ that there are things and realities that we can trust, beyond a doubt. Truth identifies a relationship between realities, and their composition and definitions in mass or energy. Truth assigns a demand, that will be completed by a reality/ when order says “the time has come”. Trust understand this relationship as the creation of the consequence that leads to decisions, the reality that becomes the elemental essence of life itself: that we have become free, to choose for ourselves because we are no longer dependent upon action or reaction/ but can conceive of possibilities within our own design. The relationship we share with creation is this essence of trust, that truth will remain constant/ and we will own a right to be free; because we have found in decision and the thought that precedes it/ an opportunity to be “the identity we must choose”. Life then is a foundation in freedom, an explanation in decision of who we desire to be/ and what our purpose for that life is. The distance we travel to achieve this reality, is our journey in time. The discipline we use to understand the compositions of trust, truth, life, decision, and thought are the basis of what we are able to create in ourselves. Life is not fair/ life is life! Either you accept your reality and do the best you can in creating the identity called you/ or you fail. To remain in love with the miracle of who you are, defines your soul. To understand, that time is a creation within itself, is to know that death is merely time removed from the life that you are. Cherish the moments/ cherish the lives you know; but understand time must end, or you cannot proceed beyond the barriers of action and reaction. And if not beyond, you end as a description called life.

Of the incessant realities called human, is an absolute fear of death/ thereby the fundamental relationship of fear arises, and consumes a large number of individuals, otherwise capable of eternity; many will enter heaven/ to try again. Even so, the consequence of fear is failure/ the consequence of failure, is a life that will be less than it could have been. The many avenues of fear are: hiding in drugs/ or depressions/ or mental aberrations/ or running away into money, or sex, or adventures/ or challenging death, just to prove you won’t flinch; when in fact, the whole reality and truth is to convince yourself, that you cannot die. The heart of most warriors, is simply to prove they won’t die/ by becoming strong enough to survive; when in fact they do know that death will come. These things will not buy happiness or peace; they are games played to escape reality/ not live with the truth, that we are dependent upon GOD In all ways. HE is here, in your life today/ in this world today/ because HE IS CREATION. It is not a game/ the order, discipline, respect, and love required by life is here today. It is men who want to kill this/ to play god. They are severely mistaken/ and will pay the consequences, accordingly/ or by mercy through repentance will find sorrow, and return to life. Life is not a game! Death is not a game either/ if you believe only in body and mind; the end of time/ then you have nothing inside to protect you from the reality of energy and its destruction. If you understand, by the values of thought and discipline and order and respect; That life is a gift, that our ability to achieve an identity, and become an intelligence conceived by thought and known by love. True love is more than a discipline, an intellectual expression, or a want or need. True love is a heartbeat, that allows the intensity of our existence to share the destiny of our souls; true love is a moment blessed in the environment called family, a relationship conceived by trust, and a hope convinced by grace. If you can understand this/ Then you can understand the environment called family, and home. If we have true love, then you are the essence of my happiness, the beauty assembled beyond the limits of time or eternity for my life. The very desire for life/ because simply being alive is not enough. Love is enough. Here within the distinctions of what can only be called a freedom, for life/ reality changes, and the ecstacy of life itself can be realized as a playground granted by the inheritance of GOD. Life is a value, and a treasure conceived by the existence of thought/ thought is an essence of the elemental truth, that the laws of time and space are broken; and eternity exists in me/ you. I cannot give you strength/ or anything else you need for these journeys beyond time; they are up to you/ they are your decisions, and your expressions; and your desires, fulfilled by their purpose for your own life and heart: and this time to decide what you will be. Death is not a small thing/ because life is not a small thing! Death is the distance we travel, to find peace inside our soul/ the passage is between light and its energy. This is a rising of life, to recognize that we are indeed “children of GOD”. The reality of peace is simply: when time confronts you, reality conceives of a decision that is more than “just you”/ and that becomes the essence of peace: simply we are not alone! Life is a journey inside the dimensions of soul/ and soul is a gift of GOD , to each child. PRAISE HIM! A blessing is the ability to see beyond time/ into the meaning of life. The meaning of life is; when we have seen and experience the miracles of who we are/ only then can we make a true decision to belong unto the one that has created us.

Reality states, this is a time of crisis for life on earth/ that is the truth you do face; whether you recognize it or not, the decisions men have made will end in horrific consequences/ or real and true changes will be made. Simple as that. I cannot make you change/ I do not curse you, nor do I bless you; I am a messenger, and this is the message given to you, the reader/ the one who hears. Work, or you fail; and the future of life/ the reality of peace/ & the hope of love all die with you. It is your turn now. It is your decision to live or die, and take life with you now! It is your reality that you will descend into hell/ because the decision of men, have brought you to that door, and you will simply fall in one day soon/ if you don’t change your path, your direction, and your leadership. There is no need to hide, your weapons of mass destruction will find you. There is no need to run, the destruction of nature and all that means will kill you. You can fantasize if you wish about a world that is not going into crisis; but it will not last/ without change far worse than your fears and terrors are coming, it is the end of life, the end of order in life, the end of respect for everything, and the insane simply devoid of all reason or care coming to consume you. To choose this, you must also be insane!
Do better!

Again as has been true at every stage of this message is the reality and statement of truth: DO NOT “believe me”/ GO and search for yourself in truth, GO and investigate your reality and what will be the next steps as your run out of resources, run out of environment, and run out of patience with each other. EXAMINE the truth of what fundamentally exists, as an ocean in jeopardy of “being cleaned out of all potential for food, for your lives”. DECIDE if you can live, when 11 billion tons of seafood sales “in 2005 I believe”/ turns into 11 thousand tons of seafood captured and fought for, an empty sea? Don’t think so? What happens if you get hungry and eat all your seed? When there is no crop, because you have nothing to plant/ what will be your harvest? All the world competes for ocean food/ can you keep the others from taking “the ocean seeds”/ can you stop yourselves from wrecking the ocean incubators/ or stealing the food of other species. You will starve/ without true order and decisions among all. Or understand reality states that you will die! Reduce history and human decision to the consequence of starvation or thirst, and you will understand the weakest will become food, as cannibalism sweeps the earth. Recognize before you get here, if the weapons of mass destruction are not removed: clearly and with all certainty they will be used. Because it is a man’s answer to every problem. If you are woman, you do understand where you fit in these things/ man is stronger than you/ familiar with weapons and tactics, and as time goes by, you will be eaten first, after the children. Just how it is. We cannot make a new world/ we cannot remake our biology, or fix any mutation that men have made in life. There is a cancer in this world, called greed, selfishness, power, want, pride, and hate; and if these are not removed just like a cancer in your body/ they are going to kill this world. Simple as that. The difference in time is, today the population has overcome nature/ today nature has lost the battle for supremacy over man, and he rules over nature. His decision is to consume, and to destroy without concern; he has wants/ he has pride/ and he is selfish, as history proves to be true. To survive we do require new leadership/ we require a new way of dealing with nations and each other, and men cannot do that, because they are the leaders of this world, who brought us here. Did someone else? NO, this is the world men have made/ and it is about to be destroyed, whether you like it or not. GOD has sent you this message; Because love exists for humanity/ but you must change! Women are given the right to rule/ because they are different, and will choose differently; hopefully better/ if not, the world still dies; but with far less pain and suffering, if they simply do the best they can; the consequence called hell and Armageddon will be removed for them/ so long as they lead on earth. If they do well, even the consequence called heaven could begin here on earth, and life respond with happiness: Because GOD rules this earth/ and has not yet abandoned you. But if you fail, you WILL be abandoned. Do your best, life is waiting for you.

As to reality and truth, it sits before you for your verdict/ are you not judge? The level of ridicule, etc/ is yet to be seen in its entirety/ but as for me, “I will end this education simply; the words said are enough/ the reality indicated, without question a definition that invites and needs to be examined in truth; if you will not/ then you will not. I have said enough apart from leaving you with the evidence of trial/ and if it continues to be evident that you cannot conceive of the courage necessary for you to survive; then I will simply let them go easily, and be done. Never to be repeated in any form again, it is your lives/ not mine. This is your message/ not mine. What is simple and true is: if these things that threaten all of life on earth/ are not worth fighting for, or even investigating in court over; then you are simply not worth my time. If your want and pride are worth more than your lives; you are not worthy of me. You are now educated sufficiently and beyond/ you are aware/ you are warned/ and you are making decisions whether you will admit to them or not. And you do understand sufficiently to know this is serious, and not a game/ because no matter who you are, truth is in evidence here, and it will not be denied; either you accept/ or you deny, for the sake of your lies. We all know, it is nearly unanimous “YOU DON’T want to hear it”! But I ask you plainly; when did that ever make a difference to reality or truth? When did wishing or avoiding reality ever turn the storm away? When/ really, when? Your decisions, your wants, and your pride and selfishness are consuming the earth, and that will kill you, the future, and all life on earth. The difference is: today, nature depends upon you/ instead of you depending upon nature: the ramifications are even beyond what you can imagine. I cannot save you/ I will not lead you, it would only make you vulnerable when I die; do not ask. But I can help women, to better understand the decisions they will make. End of the story/ education is over. Only the decision of women is left/ I am not free! My help for you; is for life on earth, and nothing less: you must learn the lessons, and do the work. Or my help will end. Simple as that.

But one last time: running away, or hiding will not save your lives. Like a hurricane/ reality is coming; and lies never saved a single soul. Does reality not teach you: without food or water, you will die/ too cold or too hot, and you will die/ to far out to swim, and you die/ etc? There is no mercy here, it seems the lessons are more important, than individual lives. The question of why is unimportant/ these are the facts. And the facts are, you are in grave danger of the collapse of nature/ and that means you die. The warning signs are real, even you can see them. You are now free “to walk into hell and Armageddon with each other/ to proud to be afraid/ to afraid to be honorable, respectful of life, or simply honest enough to keep from killing each other. It is your choice/ not mine. The reality is, to date; not one has been found with enough courage to fight for life/ some are “thinking about it / but courage and life, takes more than that.

In the reality of time, the foundation of life is expressed by the distinction that gives life its purpose and desire. In the foundation of this work “called a message”/ because it is absolutely necessary. Therefore not a desire, but a duty, and a responsibility. I am informed/ I do understand the content and the meaning of the evidence/ thereby I am selected as a messenger/ like it or not; as are you. Described as “From GOD” Because the evidence is real/ the foundation for truth is achieved/ the reality of life or death is certain/ and the training that I have received is fundamentally “without any other help, than the spirit world to which I do belong, in association with time”. Thereby the question arises as to duty/ the reality is assigned, because it is real, and I am ready/ and the truth agrees, that GOD’S TRUE WORK OF CREATION, HERE on this earth is in jeopardy of being lost: thereby it is fair and true to believe and assert, that HE would choose to intervene, and give life one last chance; to find honor, honesty, respect, and love! You have been given this chance/ because you have received this message of grave concern and prediction/ that does in fact coincide with the book of Revelation, chapter 12. I am aware as to “spiritual understandings” you are without reference/ therefore will turn to ridicule and deceit instead of learning and life. Considerable knowledge is provided to help you begin to inherit your soul/ but it is up to you. Fundamental knowledge/ critical knowledge/ and foundation knowledge/ as well as behavioral, mental, social, and the developments of each aspect of the human experience have been explored for you/ but it is up to you. Added to this each and every method of human communication has been exploited, without a temptation to follow or conceive of a mob/ with a true intent not to allow for mass hypnosis. Conversation has even included gossip with sexual overtones, which is a powerful human tool, not because it is worthy; but because you use it and relish it as a treasure, a conversation without end it would seem. Seeds have been sown/ opportunities have been given, that there may be no excuses. All for you/ nothing is added, no gain is made by me/ no purpose but to bring you the reality and decision that you must make to survive. It is clear and certain, because you are so blind with apathy, and consumed with arrogance, that you cannot see what you will truly lose/ and those who do, simply run scared or hide in their pride “so truth can’t get them”. At the other end, so to speak are the fundamentalists of the religion called evolution; “They believe genetic structure (millions of instructions all in order, to create, direct, control, and prepare the chemical factories that build a body) just happens, if they wish it to be”. Like every other fundamentalist religion definable truth does not matter/ they just know. Consequently, from water or geyser or whatever fancies them today; they declare “life has arrived”. The consequence of all these things being, a blind and ignorant fool/ fearing the loss of toys. Instead of the truth, while you play; hell and Armageddon are coming to consume you, and the earth itself. Scared that life might not be kind? What about when reality proves, without change and acceptance of your responsibilities life will be horrendous/ would that be better. Don’t want to die/ therefore gambling with every life on earth, destroying time itself; because you are afraid: And so on! Better believe in eternity instead, because these decisions lead to hades, and there is no escape, no mercy, and no repentance there. Again, either change or die/ because hell is coming soon, and Armageddon is very close behind. You are so extremely intoxicated with delusion/ that even nature, even life itself, which you know you cannot repair, cannot rebuild, cannot save, or anything else because life itself is so far beyond you: that you gamble anyway. Essentially like, you living “wrapped by a snake in a glass jar, just too scared / it seems you cannot find the strength to even scream”. We do stand at the edge of the abyss/ a place in time that understands life is going to end. But “you are true believers, in anything men will tell you/ the male leadership controls the propaganda/ the gambling in all its forms/ the medical society/ the money, that is only numbers and not real, but you worship it anyway; and on and on. You don’t trust anyone with your money/ but let a doctor tell you anything, and you throw your life away. Don’t think so, then why are you consuming “billions of tons of prescription and non-prescription pills”/ sucking down an ever increasing turmoil for your body and mind to deal with. Ever wonder how it is that today, everyone knows someone in a health crisis/ in just the last 20 years or so? “Oh, but surely the drugs can’t do it: after all, just like the mutated food you eat, the poisons you handle, and the toxic waste you pour onto everything “some man somewhere, hidden behind the curtain of a diploma of worthless paper; says its OK”; after all he is well paid, isn’t he! You believe anything, except truth/ give us lies, is the new “american way”. You give nature to fools and failures and even to; “satan himself; throwing genetic structure into the garbage”; and saying to yourselves “aren’t we smart/ going to be gods, yes we are”. There just isn’t a language to properly describe you. You are too poor! All bad? No, most of what is done is simply the reaction to understanding the threat of weapons of mass destruction. But do you do something about that? No, instead you cry into your drugs, and whisper into the toilet; woe is me. We are WE THE PEOPLE , and these employees of ours, shall do what we say; IF they understand that we control this nation and not them. Simple as that. You do not/ because you don’t trust each other; because you want so much, and are so proud, very few are in fact trustworthy! YOU have traded life/ for your disgrace called want; and to prove what “a big success you are”/ well it is necessary to be proud, and belittle those you now call “loser”. Pre-school, should have been education enough; “I guess you just didn’t get to school that day/ or is it the teachers/ principle/ and the demand to make my child proud, like me”.
Instead of these things, do read Matthew 6 from the Bible/ and understand life is more than want/ more than pride/ more than fears; It is the opportunity of life itself, a creation beyond our comprehension, in truth and time and eternity.

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