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dated 7/19/07

RE: the letter dated July 13, 07 from Paul S Caselton/ deputy general council

to Paul
In your correspondence, there are 2 basic things wrong. One that any expectation that due process in a courtroom of law is errant is some form or fashion is a ridicule of the law. Prove me wrong. I expect nothing less than the law provides/ and nothing more.
Thereby the assertion that this case was dismissed on may 8, 07 is news to me: AS THERE HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY NO CORRESPONDENCE from the court. I have received nothing in any form or manner. I have paid my money/ been refused even the courtesy of a notification/ and find that a detestable failure in the court. Thereby simply have the court inform me properly, and appropriate actions will be taken. I WANT the notice from the court sent to me/ or delivered by hand, in some form or fashion that can be verified. It is not “too much to ask”.

For substance and clarity to this work, now in front of us both/ the reality is I do not contest the tax/ there is no plausible reason why I should not pay as do the others. HOWEVER, in the matter of deceit and arrogance and failure as does this case represent in all manner of state government: that fact that it is my duty to take you to court/ having found liars, thieves, and cheaters in charge/ fundamentally making promises that cannot be kept and so on. I will contest any penalty or interest added to the tax. It will be a new court case.
As to the reality of this case in actual fact/ as presented to the court, and kept current with the court as the proof of service shall prove with appeals #07-2299 . THEY are fully aware that the state case has moved to federal appeals. Take you pick, if you wish to wait or proceed. For simplification of the reality: I will tell you the direction that case will soon take.

As is the reality of corporate america today: wherein the corporate board of directors is taken to court; and held accountable for their lower management/ such is the reality of the judicial system of the USA. In simple terms, the judiciary is a branch of the work assigned by the nation to its employees who happen to be judges/ lawyers/ and such. In simple terms the judiciary hierarchy is the “corporate board”/ given charge and wealth and power and position to make the decisions that determine how the others shall operate in their various work positions. I find the court fundamentally corrupt/ and the action of government, as is called WE THE PEOPLE is critically charged with cleaning house. While this may sound like “a dream of some kind to you”/ THE TRUTH ALLOWS, instead of a dream, the crushing reality of depression, the reality of failure from all sides/ due in part to the failures of government/ and specifically the failure of law and the people who are responsible for that law. Means, the people/ will not be such sheep in your future. How the reality will fully and fundamentally unfold, is hard to tell/ but it is clear and certain, when the people who believe they have money and security suddenly find they have neither; “The shit will hit the fan”. Either you help me avoid this upheaval and do your duty/ as any honorable citizen would do. Or you do not, and violence instead of law, will no doubt take over. I have no interest in politics/ but the reality of failure that is coming is a completely different matter. If you are uninformed, as to consequence and probability that we face: the trial is also on www.justtalking.info. Suit yourself.



Sent to IL IRS
BOX 19015



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