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This is the summary of the writ, sent to US supreme court/ defining trouble in the court system of the USA. And asking for the people/ public, and myself; are these the definitions of due process/ that you “the corporate board” in charge of the business of law, believe are justified? Is not accountability in both the state and federal governments worth fighting for? Is it not a right guaranteed by ownership “we the people”. Have we no rights to justice/ no foundation in truth or law? What about 1st amendment or other constitutional rights, and failure in each court to respect these sovereign rights of the citizen over the court and its employees?

Although a formal decision has not yet been filed by the appellate court, “thereby granting due process; by a court order that is found incompetent or in denial of the law. Instead a critical decision to destroy the legitimacy of my complaint and trial within the law: from the inside of the court, by refusing filings/ changing litigants/ and simply abusing their position as judges; IS reason enough for intervention. Did the supreme court “reprimand the appellate judges”? What about stripping the complaint brought to trial, of all its merit/ and then tempting me to enter “a setup” whereby they could easily abuse me; as the law and rights of trial had been removed? Are these not passionate reasons for the leaders of what is intended and believed to be justice in this country to be involved? Why not/ should I die first; that you might provide “crocodile tears”; and sink back into the mire? Mutilated judicial procedure is simply a “mafia style” decision of the court/ to confront justice, law, and rights; and destroy them in much the same way as does the appellate court; In America, do we support organized crime; for when you steal due process/ the rights of law/ the fundamentals of a lawsuit filed and appealed/ and the foundation upon which this government and this nation does stand: you have stolen more than money, it is the people you have extorted and kidnaped by the fear of retribution and violence; this is treason. There is no peace in society without justice, and the law that it supports! Therefore without access or even an honorable attempt by the appellate court, at justice or law or rights or constitutional definitions and demands of behavior or legally sworn duties being kept. It is the citizens that are told, DON’T come here/ or we WILL make you pay! This is a treasonous or traitorous behavior/ or more clearly an enemy inside the court, and the evidence is: life doesn’t matter/ society doesn’t matter/ the future and the children don’t matter; instead “whatever it is traded for honor and respect: whether, pride or power or just plain criminal contempt for justice and peace in society; the evidence is the supreme court fails as well.”

The court will suggest “he did not let the appeals court create and submit a final judgment/ instead he surmised an ending and accused innocent men”. But reality and the evidence shows; the court did not act with honor/ did not support justice or the law; fundamentally refused my filing/ thereby the evidence of my defense; and critically proved an attempt to entrap, by submitting a hand written note, (thereby NOT for the public record) “to go back to court without the law/ or the evidence presented, of law and truth and justice/ or the right to proceed in the honor and respect of guaranteed rights expected by all citizens”. Which can only be a setup for criminal behaviors on their part. Why else would they entice me/ why else would they remove the law; and sit waiting with nothing but a question of unpaid tax/ if not to attack me. I submit to trial, in the only possible way to enter court with a question of law and corruption; regarding those who are employed by us as our workers for government. Not paying taxes, is the only method not fully blockaded by these employees; it is the only method that traitors to democracy have not yet denied. Removing this fundamental of trial/ is to entrap, for the purpose of “critical contempt, by using the color of law; to disguise the extortion or violence intended. These judges and/ or their accomplice, the clerk involved have chosen to be adversarial. They have stepped away from the law/ from justice/ and from the legal purposes of the courtroom called American. Should their boss not be informed? Is there no supervision of “the vice-presidents in charge of the court”? Should I wait “until their guns go off”? That is insane. The foundation of law is justice/ that means those who oppose each other, must have equal footing in the law; that the law will decide for each side, and no opinion of man shall interfere; apart from mercy where proof of such is shown worthy. Since the court is in opposition to the law, and presents NO other evidence of its opinion, than to oppose justice, the law, and present a battleground in procedure rather than the defense of a citizen or the law of this nation/ then it has lost its ability to choose for the law, and intervenes only with criminal conduct. NO other law is provided, in support of the courts decisions/ no justice is seen in its procedure/ no foundation for citizens rights or due process or respect for the ownership of the nation as we the people is seen; but instead the court and its clerks, make all its efforts and the foundations for its decisions: to remove the law, and apply bigotry and prejudice in its place. This is simply making a mockery of the court/ the law/ and the American values of life, that fundamentally support law, peace, and the sanctity of life. It is taking the court “to the playground of insanity” and saying society is a game/ and we the citizenry are nothing more than children, to be controlled without a cause; merely tantrums and stupidity. The reality is: Being in such an inferior position of power, as am I/ to the position and authority of a judge, who sits in a courtroom. I must take action to protect myself, and “call for reinforcements”, before I am unable to do so. The potential for or by criminal actions that do not reflect the law/ but stem from treason. Cannot wait for defeat/ where is the defense of law in death or slavery or imprisonment/ or simply being beaten upon “for fun”? Therefore I come to the highest court, as there is no other left/ and they say to me clearly: Get lost “fuck head (how dare I complain/ you are nothing)”. Or more simply “we the judges/ ARE THE LAW”, and there is nothing of law that we do not control; nothing! The law is nothing/ we are the law! Is this not contempt inside the court? Is this not treason in a country that claims “we the people/ are its owners”? Is this not real, where the evidence proves not even the 1st amendment has power or a right to these courts/ not even the supreme court? There is no respect/ or there would be NO question of mutilated procedure; what is important would rule/ and clearly there is no respect. Procedure does not protect anyone : unless it removes power and pride and failure from the courtroom/ and proves equal to all. The law is not an opinion of the judge or judges; it is the constitutional truth applied to the words and descriptions of men/ women that complete the structure of due process and defend the citizen against all who come in the disease and arrogance of what is not the law. The law is justice. The law is a foundation to be heard in the honesty and honor of life. The law is a fundamental relationship with “each citizen/ each neighbor”, to be at peace/ wherein conflicts are resolved, because equity, fair play, and equality judge us all: NOT THE JUDGE/ but the law itself, as is honorable and merciful for the sake of life and society. Not “criminal organizations” wherein the law is merely a tool to scourge and degrade the citizen/ applying violence and selling dishonor to the highest bidder. Shame on you.

I do not quit on this case/ instead unless the appellate court sticks to a reasonable tax result and ends it there; I will return fighting for the law, in court and in the press as necessary. Where I can. It is a duty required of us all/ it is a participation in society that is expected of the judge and the court: and is clearly evident/ They are no where in sight, but hiding in apathy and disgrace. As a war/ this is simply the evidence of paying what is necessary in terms of media coverage or interviews/ and searching them out in a proper public forum for that debate; including but not limited to political avenues. It is not my desire, but I will not be thrown in prison without a fight/ nor will I be financially devastated without a fight. Those in powerful positions DO hide all manner of tragedy/ where there is no honor. Like death, there are always worms fighting to get inside, where honor lives no more. The division of power is “unequal, and clearly proven unfair”, which means this is no courtroom of law! Therefore the consequence as every survivor knows is; what must be done to make it more equal, shall be done. As is true with this court case/ the fact that the judiciary is what it has been means democracy itself has been defeated. The fact, none are surprised by this outcome is completely as expected; within all levels of society: proves that democracy has been dying for a long time. The reality none will help/ makes no difference to me. I fight for life/ not for personal gain; we are threatened from every side/ by extinction: what is then money or the rest? Is it not you, that chooses to be, the fool. The enforcement of the law is up to the common citizen, we are a society, and it is your duty. The policing power (or you are just a thug, doing the dirty laundry of crime) will choose the law, because it is their sworn duty: If you enforce the tyranny and not the law itself/ then you are in conspiracy with a criminal, and are nothing to life. No man or woman is the law/ WE are the law, by our acceptance in justice and peace toward each other and to the future and to life. And I will seek to prove you are a violent and diseased society; before the world, if you do not help to defend yourselves! Because the law is what you war against, if you fail to help even yourselves. Therefore the world is required to force you to justice. There are those who do hate you, who will give ear. There are those who you owe massive promises, that will not be turned away easily. Do you desire peace and happiness and life/ then get your ass up and work for it! If you do not choose the law itself, you die inside, and society with you; because the law and the truth must lead: or failure comes. I do not ask you to choose me, I am telling you to choose the law and listen to the truth, that there may be peace and happiness in society. The court has evaded the law/ because they want the lies more than the truth, as do so many. The basic demand of each and every case is simply: make the government employees accountable for their ways/ and reveal the truth, by seeking only the evidence that is real. Too much to ask, of a judge; so says the court, in every single venue and challenge. But truth is coming, and this is one of the american failures that will prove to be the end of america itself, if you do not stand up yourself, and with others. You cannot survive your lies! Either truth will win out, and life will change, or disaster will strike from everywhere; the environment will fail (because you made it so)/ yellowstone will erupt (because it can)/ all financial institutions will be permanently destroyed (because that is what you wanted from your lies, and you have stolen everything you can; the vaults are empty) / and coming civil war will end the government called the USA. Did you not steal their money/ and by this evidence: refuse to give it back, or even let them complain and see a mock court? Yes you did. You the court are a participant in destroying this nation and this world, and the punishment will be harsh; do repent of it/ do work for the people. Do not surrender, do the work of justice and law for the people/ not for power or pride.

This is not sent to the court, let them read it here on this site www.justtalking.info They have no use for the law/ no use for justice/ and no use for the citizen; even if a lawyer were hired, the outcome would be the same/ only the price would be much hirer. IF a lawyer could be found/ that lawyer would be penalized for bringing it to the court “you didn’t obey the power/ bow down”. The foundation of this statement is power and pride will rule (the court is a game, to its disgrace/ and the loser must pay), or it ends! It is the greed that believes power is an answer to controlling the people. Therein “the powerful money people rule/ and find manipulation the key to slavery and every reprehensible behavior known to men”! I say, if the people need to be controlled; then it is the fault of government that brought the trouble/ or refused to participate in an answer, for the people. The compromise of the proud is: “Make him an example”. Whether they end up throwing those who do the actual work (thugs) , “to the wolves” or not. Who cares, all are expendable “but me, says pride”! When money rules/ there is no such thing as life; merely slaves or kings/ queens. Where greed consumes, power takes away peace, and life becomes a fight to survive.
Choose for the nation/ choose, because it is your life too.


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