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As it regards the original jurisdiction trial presented to the US Supreme Court, demanding an answer to the question presented by the 1st amendment to the constitution describing and assigning a right to petition the government for a legal redress of grievances; the court returns my filing, without comment. A first amendment question of law and guaranteed citizen rights, “has no meaning to the court”. Is the message they send. No doubt relying upon the dismissal of the writ presented, that I formally joined to this trial; they will assert no need for this, the other dies in court. And they have already discarded through the mutilation of courtroom procedures/ justice/ due process/ or fair play; “just doesn’t matter”. A failure and a gamble by every aspect of a decision to believe the people have no power/ and no rights/ and no method of obtaining those rights of ownership. That remains to be seen. The relationship that matters is fundamentally simple: Do you, as a public citizen agree with the expectations of the supreme court, and other employees of government; that you are worthless, apart from taxes/ slavery/ & the military. The reality simply; the court will be proven wrong/ either with guns, and civil war, because of the tragedies that are waiting; Or you will correct them, and they will go to jail. Irregardless of me, or my life/ the consequence of these words will remain: it takes only one copy, in one set of hands, to move it around the world. I do not/ because this is simply NOT my job, or my right. I have done my job, and will never return to your aid; you have made your choice, as a government of the people; do they not speak for you? Even if they do not/ the truth is clear, that not even the future of life on earth is more important than the numbers of your lies; which will soon crash onto your heads. It is what you wished for/ why should you be denied.
Of factors that influence employees of government are simply these: A few hours after the supreme court case was presented online, the stock market became nervous/ a couple days later, it was resolved, and the supreme court case returns; unanswered, and discarded like a disease. They will tell you plainly, “We ain’t going to let nothing influence our money”/ period, don’t care what it is! But reality and truth could care less what men want/ it does what the discipline and the decision required of order, demands that it will do. Just like the yellowstone eruption that is now coming, it is truth that decides the consequences/ man does not matter; he only fools himself. You can still remove the gases trapped under yellowstone/ because these are the explosive element! You do have a short window of opportunity. Removal of the gas, will not cause an eruption/ and even if the dome of yellowstone, shrinks and settles, without the gas, it can only produce a Hawaii type of volcano. Are you smart enough? Clearly no/ but a little time remains to find out for sure. Biblical prophecy says the year February 2010 will decide/ by the most likely date; or if it is the later date starting August 2007, it will be a little later/ that judgment is taken/ or perhaps it occurs during the seven months in between. It is then, that your reality becomes either hell and Armageddon and extinction/ or you change honorably and honestly; through the leadership of women. It is literally up to women, but without the help of men, it will be harder for them to sustain you; and it is men who will die/ if they alone stand in the way of life sustaining on earth.

Of course you don’t believe in prophecy/ not in GOD either. How could you/ even complete financial devastation is beyond you, with all the evidence in this world pointing directly at complete failure. Greed will proclaim “we have great numbers, to prove we are rich”! But reality knows distinctly and without any argument whatsoever; that numbers, or any other form of money is decided strictly by those who will accept those numbers/ that money; because all money is work, or resources/ “and the rich intend not to work”. These numbers are promises to keep the slaves working/ therefore it is strictly a matter of how long will the poor accept your numbers, in exchange for their own lives. When it fails, the rich will use guns/ to increase slavery; once the court is not enough; “they aren’t going to work/ they refuse, to be equal”. Is this not so? It surely is true, and history proves it without doubt. It is their pride that kills them/ it is their pride that causes violence instead of equality; all greed is violent/ because every aspect of greed, becomes a violence to someone else’s life. Money is not numbers/ it is the lives of the workers, and what they are able to achieve or must sacrifice to stay alive. You have no money/ only promises that cannot be paid; even if the poor wanted to/ they cannot, it is too much. You have slaves, because the majority know not how, to live a better life, without you; because GREED steals their lives. Until the day comes when they abandon their lives, because the slavery has become too harsh, the money works, because the truth is feared more than the lies. And the greed, pride, and power accumulated by the theft of men, has spread like a disease to so many. In america, the slaves will fail when their housing and vehicles and realities of living are sacrificed to the numbers of these thieves and the male prostitutes; who do fully intend to ravage, rape, and destroy lives, that they may be “winners”. As is so often true of history; these are then the fertile grounds of religious extremism: we cannot defeat them ourselves/ “let us turn to god, that WE may have the power; to destroy all who oppose us”. Every religion is “special; the special and privileged few”. That is what makes it a religion/ not the words, not the possibilities for life: but being special, thereby the authority that is meant to rule; there from all who oppose are worthless. Not equal to you/ “we are special, is every religion in this world”; but truth doesn’t care, what you think. Only what you do: and you stole everything you could get; because you are afraid of the things you as men have done/ as well you should be. The question of every religion is then WHY are you special; each one has its own claim/ each one thereby expects its own authority is greatest on this earth; “because we are the owners of this particular event in history”. The reality of history is: it is literally the record of male leadership on earth! The reality and truth of Creation, the planet called earth and its life and environments: Simply GOD CREATED THIS; how then do you claim a right, to destroy what GOD CREATED? Did HE create, just so you could destroy? NO, love does not do that, and our bodies and lives as a gift prove that love is the foundation of this world called Creation. The leadership of men, proves only violence, death, and failure throughout history. It is clear and certain. That includes humanity, not simply any religion/ where is your right, where is your authority to declare what GOD Would or would not do? Where is your right to declare; that thousands of years later: you know, everything you need to know, “About GOD’S plan, for HIS CREATION” ? Are you GOD? What has changed in humanity over time/ the answer is nothing. No , you are not special/ nor are your priests, rabbi’s, etc; We are people/ nothing more and nothing less; each and every single one of us! Every religion will complain, that biblical history for example, allows “Gods’ people”/ to kill the others and take over their land! Nearly every religion makes this claim/ every religion claims “we are the greatest/ we are the leaders, the only ones that matter”. And every one of these religions set out to prove that as fact, over periods of history on earth; each was defeated/ proving in fact that none shall make this claim of superiority/ by defeat GOD proves, not you; in fact clearly it is none. The question is not: is there no influence from OUR CREATOR on this earth; clearly at times and through distinctive people there are prophecies spoken/ messages given/ lives of influence and hope provided/ and happiness shared among those who believe in a GOD THAT LOVES US ALL. But large quantities of men are always unhappy with their status in life; many demand more/ and seek to take it away from someone else, by any method available: the consequence being, men always return to hatred and war. Men kill each other, as “the answer”/ because dead means they won’t be back to kill you! Simple as that. The only problem is, revenge exists simply to “return for the dead/ to kill their murderers” and thereby each death represents only more killing and more distress across the whole earth/ multiplying every day. Dead is dead; into the hands of GOD they have gone; nothing is more irrelevant than to fight for the dead. Believe instead, they have received their just reward; is that NOT what your religions teach, then accept it and go on/ searching for justice, that no one else may die at your hands. It is the quest for social ambitions, and personal gains; that is the backbone of every religion! Every religion seeks a spiritual and mental and body happiness, and most do provide words that are substantial to life on earth; teachings from life itself, about what profits a man to do on this earth. But then comes the desire for more, and violence erupts using “ GOD as your curse upon the others”/ shame on you! It is noted, women are all but non-existent in religious doctrine/ because religions are about men/ not women, and that means literally none of them can be truly trusted as whole, right, or fundamental to life on earth. YOU cannot discount and discard fully half the human population on earth/ and claim you speak for GOD ! DOES HE NOT care about the women too? How dare you make these simple assumptions/ how dare you assume superiority, simply because of physical power; it is not true. What is fundamental and true is: WE ARE LOVED, look at our gifts of body and mind and life and truth and love and all things Creation, all things of honor, honesty, peace, truth, and love! Do not look at the tragedies of men/ it is their decision to walk away from GOD , and that is the reality and truth of their penalty for doing so; that life shall suffer/ because of their decisions, their failure. Truth and consequences are real. This does not make women superior/ it makes them equal before GOD and HIS LOVE, extends to them equally as well. Do you doubt it? Prove love is not love! Men will insist, “GOD gave adam authority over eve/ or whatever version your religion insists upon”; But as to the bible, this story states, “man was thrown out of the garden of Eden, because he stole the last seed from one special plant/ and killed off the entire species. And then lied about it and blamed Eve. This adam, was then a liar/ do you then believe what proven liars say? Prove this is wrong.

Reality has changed our lives instead of “anything a man wants to do, he does”/ The consequence of our male populations and their decisions to ravage and control the earth: means men are literally about to send us to HELL, AND ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos). Enough has been written. We are all, now literally dependent upon each other to survive; the earth has become fragile, and in need of our care! Men cannot accept this duty/ men have proven through history that they will choose war. It is their solution to every problem. Men have used religion, as their personal weapon/ blaming GOD, for their decisions to destroy HIS world. Blaming women, for “making them tempted to rape, and murder, and more.” And men will surrender leadership of this earth to women, because they have chosen to exterminate GOD’S WORLD! Do you not have weapons of mass destruction? Do you not endanger every environment on earth? Do you not destroy every resource, and every opportunity to save anything is blocked, by men; because they worship money or power or pride first? Yes you do/ therefore women must rule/ because men have failed, and chosen to bring HELL AND ARMAGEDDON to our world. The evidence convicts you/ the reality is, you have no defense; you will war, as soon as trouble comes. Therefore religions have returned to this world, and now complete the prophecy of revelations: “The white horse” is the march of “God’s people” upon this earth, that come to say repent or be judged. And that horse representing war, is here. Do you not see it, across the world. “GOD’S people” refers only to those who believe in HIM/ It is not a religious statement of any kind/ because every religion is from men. GOD’S PEOPLE, are those who truly believe in HIS CREATION on this earth, and HIS LOVE! “God’s temple” Exists only in what HE CREATES, it does not exist in the work of men. The black horse of this prophecy is judgment; And it is literally JESUS that is judge: HE came as love, hope, respect, truth, honor, honesty, courage, life, and much more/ and is worthy. Judgment because the rider carries the balance scale in his hands/ and that is the sign of judgment/ and HE comes to judge whether the women shall have enough love inside to rebuild humanity into “something worth keeping alive”. Man has already been judged/ he has chosen to exterminate life from this earth; because of his pride! Pride is the enemy of life/ pride is the devil in disguise/ pride is going to hell and hades; and it WILL take you with it/ if you do not surrender your grip on pride. Then comes the red horse, which is simply war, multiplied by hate: until insanity consumes the earth and its life. Then comes the end of life on earth; that is the pale horse with death as its rider. Gathering all, to be destroyed by eternity.

Not afraid, weapons of mass destruction “can’t harm you”/ etc/ etc/ etc. The use of words to describe such ignorance is unnecessary; much more simply, this is the choice to become satan, to your world. Man has made this choice. Your choice as women remains, because GOD LOVES HUMANITY AND DESIRES LIFE FOR YOU! But make no mistake: GOD Will abandon you, without true and significant change. If women fail/ then your wish will come true: you, will become, gods of this world, and of everything that happens to you. Will this not be wonderful? Surely the result of your choices, or of the men standing next to you; “will be fair/ OR WILL THEY BE VIOLENT AND SELFISH AND WITHOUT MERCY FOR ANYTHING!” Surely, “you will rejoice in happiness: finally you are god”: don’t you think MEN will bring you happiness? Won’t every religion on earth proclaim it is “God”. They surely shall! Won’t every religion here on earth, expect to be the authority that will rule/ because they “are special”/ they surely shall. Is this not the truth of war, that some fight to consume the earth, killing all. That some fight to Destroy the rest So that they may rule and make the rest obey “them/ we are gods chosen”. That some fight to keep the others from fighting, etc; an entire world at war; erupting from the fear that war and death are coming, and we must fight. Let women rule/ because men will destroy, it is their way. You stand at the gateway to hell and Armageddon/ turn away, and give life to the leadership of women; or you shall surely end in hell, and armageddon. So says the truth/ look at history/ look at the evidence/ look at your reality, and understand men have been defeated here on earth. Instead of peace, or justice, or mercy, or life, or love, or happiness; they chose weapons, they chose money, power, pride, theft, lies, and failure; they chose to crucify nature, and only GOD stand between complete chaos in nature and this world of life. We as the men of this world, cannot survive ourselves/ therefore women must try. If not, the world is dead.

The institutions of men, the government and religions of men, the reality of business and finance as directed and displayed by men, and the media and propaganda of men have all given their distinct and direct opinion: WE REFUSE TO CHANGE/ WE WILL ACCEPT THE PENALTY ASSIGNED by taking charge and making the decision to destroy this world, with their ignorance, arrogance, and failure. With their lies: So be it! It is your life, that you have disgraced/ and sent to hades: because it is your choice and your decision and then, your fate, to live and die by the lies you have built into “the machinery to destroy life on earth”. You have failed Creation, and life, and hope/ you have failed the future of life on earth! You have stood in the door and proclaimed “let the world, the nation, the children, and all life on earth perish”: we want our money, power, & pride. In HADES you will have nothing but your pride; The worms will look down on you. If you do not repent soon, and begin to find respect/ your soul/ and life as worthy for your work and your time and your eternity; by the year 2010 your decision will be over. Time is not forever/ but death is eternal; Worship your pride and die/ or change and live. Women will decide/ but pride will die. Time is running out, and there will be no mercy for you. Pride is the enemy of earth, the enemy of life on earth, and it will be removed. This is a decision for your soul, and you are making it today and for eternity; whether you choose for life, or for pride.
There is no mercy beyond the balance point of life or death/ once you have crossed the line, and nature will not survive: then no matter what decision you make/ no matter how many tears you cry; The earth dies! Make your decision.

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